Sila National Park

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Parco Nazionale della Sila
IUCN category II (national park)
Lago Ariamacina.jpg
Lago di Ariamacina, Sila National Park
Map showing the location of Parco Nazionale della Sila
Map showing the location of Parco Nazionale della Sila
Location of park
Nearest cityCrotone
Coordinates39°22′34″N 16°35′31″E / 39.37611°N 16.59194°E / 39.37611; 16.59194Coordinates: 39°22′34″N 16°35′31″E / 39.37611°N 16.59194°E / 39.37611; 16.59194
Area736.95 km2 (284.54 sq mi)
Governing bodyMinistero dell'Ambiente

Sila National Park was established in 1997 and covers about 74,000 ha in Calabria. Its highest mountains are Mt. Botte Donato (1,928m), in Sila Grande, and Mt. Gariglione (1,764m) in Sila Piccola. The park is set with the Regional Decree 14.11.2002 from the Official Journal num. 63 - 17/03/2003 and includes its own Management Agency founded. This park area includes the territories formerly as part of the “Historical” Calabria National Park (1968), which protects areas of great environmental interest in Sila Piccola, Sila Grande and Sila Greca, for a total of 73.695 hectares, in 21 municipalities, 6 Mountains Communities (Comunità Montane) and 3 provinces of Calabria Region.



In the center of Calabria sits Sila National Park. It offers visitors a fascinating place, full of beautiful routes and exciting landscapes, mountains and enchanted valleys. There are spectacular plants and a wide variety of animals that roam about. The park preserves one of the most significant biodiverse and scenic natural wonders, truly deserving the utmost of protection. The park’s symbol is the wolf, a hunted species for centuries that has withstood its survival until 1970, when a law in favor of its preservation was established. Sila National Park offers magnificent sceneries of history that changes with the seasons. This park is full of a magical atmosphere, wondrous contrasts and harmonious arrangements of colors and shades.


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