Silambu Express

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Silambu Express
Silambu Express with GOC WDP3A
Service type Express Train
Locale Tamil Nadu
First service 22 June 2013 (2013-06-22)
Current operator(s) Southern Railways
Start Chennai Egmore
Stops 11
End Manamadurai Junction
Distance travelled 489 km (304 mi)
Average journey time 11.25 Hours
Service frequency Bi-Weekly
Train number(s) 16181 / 16182
On-board services
Class(es) 2 AC, 3 AC, SL, UR
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Observation facilities Large windows
Entertainment facilities No
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed 49 km/h (30 mph) average with halts
Timetable number(s) 8 / 8A[1]

The Silambu Express (Tamil: சிலம்பு விரைவு ரயில்) (16181/16182) is a train runs between Chennai Egmore and Manamadurai Jn via Chord line.[2]


The name of the train commemorates the Kannagi or (Kannaki), a legendary Tamil woman, is the main character of the South Indian epic Silapathikaram (100-300 CE) who used Silambu the only proof for saving her husband. So,the train was named as "Silambu Express" to remember the Silapathikaram story. It is a standard train consisting of commercial coaches. The main towns on the way are Chengalpattu, Villupuram, Tiruchirapalli, Pudukottai, Karaikudi and Sivagangai. The train is operated as Bi-weekly and covers a distance of 489 km. Initially this train was announced between Chennai Egmore and Karaikudi but due to public demand this train has been extended up to Manamadurai via Sivagangai. This train was announced on Railway Budget 2013, and the service started on 22 June 2013.[3]

Train route and timings[edit]

The train from Chennai Egmore to Manamadurai starts Chennai Egmore at 20:20 hours arrives Trichy by 03.15 hours and reaches Manamadurai the next morning at 7:45 hours. In total the journey time is 11 hours 25 minutes. It runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays.The return trip from Manamadurai to Chennai Egmore starts Manamadurai at 20:15 hours and arrives Trichy by 23.45 hours and reaches Chennai Egmore the next morning at 6:30 hours. On return, the journey time is 11 hours 20 minutes. The return trip is on Thursdays and Sundays. As the entire train is stalled at Manamadurai Jn for more than 12 hours, Southern Railway has decided to extend the rakes of this train till Sengottai(Shencottah).

At present, this train connects many important towns and cities between Chennai and Manamadurai Junction. This train passes through and stops in important towns like Sivagangai, Karaikudi, Pudukottai, Tiruchirappalli, Ariyalur, Virddhachalam, Villupuram, Chengalpattu and Tambaram. On the section between Tiruchirappalli and Chennai Egmore the train is pulled by electric locomotive ED WAP4, and on the section between Tiruchirappalli and Manamadurai the train is pulled by diesel locomotive GOC WDP3A. Between the sections of Manamadurai and Tiruchirappalli, this train achieves a maximum speed of 80 kmph.

Coach Composition[edit]

Total number of Coaches 17

  • The Loco has change from Diesel to Electrification from Trichy.
Loco SLR UR UR UR S6 S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 A B1 B2 UR UR UR SLR

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