Silberberg (Bodenmais)

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Der Doppelgipfel des Silberbergs.JPG
The twin peaks of Silberberg from west direction
Highest point
Elevation 955 m (3,133 ft)
Location Bavarian Forest, Bavaria, Germany,

Silberberg is a mountain of Bavarian Forest, Bavaria, Germany.


cable car, toboggan run, ski run[edit]

Summit area of Silberberg[edit]

Minerals and ores from the Silberberg[edit]

Some of the 60 minerals of the Silberberg, in the museum room of the visitors' mine

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Coordinates: 49°03′26″N 13°07′27″E / 49.05722°N 13.12417°E / 49.05722; 13.12417