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Static Silencer agent hacking a large terminal

Silencer was a multiplayer-only video game released by Mind Control Software for online play using World Opponent Network technology. It combines elements of sidescroller games with other Sci-Fi action games such as Crusader: No Remorse. In the game, there are multiple competing agencies that send agents into the field to hack public computer terminals, with the goal of exposing the Martian government's secrets. Agents in the same agency could work as a team, and agents could buy a variety of items and weapons to help their team excel or to hinder an opponent.

In May 2001, the game was pulled from online play when went offline.

On September 17, 2007, Arsia Mons, a veteran group who reversed engineered the software, released an installer that allowed easy playability. The server binaries were unstable and required bug fixing. The lobby servers were completely taken offline shortly after.

In 2013, zSILENCER was created as a replacement for the defunct Silencer beta using the existing asset files. It is now a "99% accurate" clone. The lobby server is open and remains active (Verified October 2014). In addition to Windows, the game is also available on Mac, Linux, and the Ouya console.


It is the near future on Mars, and the government is up to no good. As a result, there are powers that are trying to overthrow the government, known as Silencers. They are hackers and brokers of secrets, and they are not friendly to each other.

The game takes place at a base called Arsia Mons.


When you begin, you'll join one of five rebel agencies, fighting with other members of your agency team to collect three top secrets. The first team to do so wins the scenario.

Each team's leader creates a door to a base, which has resources for healing, purchases and storing secrets. Silencers travel throughout the playfield in search of green-lit computer devices, which can be hacked by pressing the space bar. Silencers are rewarded for any hacked information they carry back to their base. Money can then be spent with the use of the computer display to the right. In addition to any regular data, they also gain information that helps them track down a top secret. Once all nine categories of the top secret have been discovered, the Silencer will learn the location of a computer terminal in the playfield that will be storing the top secret for a short time. The Silencer must then be moved to that location, gain the top-secret (which is automatic), and then make it back to the base and deposit the top secret to the far right computer memory bank.


  • Noxis: High in endurance
  • Static: Excellent radar technology
  • Caliber: Best purchases available and secret info
  • Lazarus: High-tech cult that worships rebirth
  • Black Rose: An elite agency that always works alone


The number next to each technology represents the amount of slots they use. Some technologies are agency specific.

  • Laser [1]: Immediately after shield technology was capable of dampening weapon effects, the Frost-Light laser was released. Two hits should remove any standard shield, but very little damage is done to an unshielded target.
  • Rocket [2]: Long range, high yield mini-warheads will devastate any unshielded opponent. Includes an attached camera for in-flight kill tracking."
  • Flamer Ammo [1]: Kills any unshielded target. No shield has been made that the Crucible flamer cannot ignore. Deadly at close range.
  • Poison [1]: Only available for Black Rose. A more devious strain of the Orion Flare, the Poison Flare incapacitates its victims in seconds and leaves them poisoned as well. Environmentally disastrous, but highly lethal.
  • Security Pass [1]: Only available for Caliber. Unlimited security access. Government agents will ignore you in the field.
  • Health Pack [1]: Only available for Noxis. A small portable boost for Noxis agents in the field. Restores lost health, but must be manually applied.
  • Virus [1]: Only available for Static. A portable virus whipped up by the snotty underage hackers of Static. Gives you immediate control over cannons and robots in the field. May harm enemy in-base weapon stations.
  • Lazarus Tract [1]: Only available for Lazarus. The definitive and unquestionable truth about Mars' oddest and most powerful religious organization. Helpful in converting disbelieving citizens to your cause.
  • E. M. P Bomb [4]: Upon detonation it emits an electromagnetic pulse that drops all shields in a several mile radius. The user is protected by a frequency modulator that comes with the device.
  • Shaped Bomb [1]: Derived from the plasma bomb, this bomb focus its destructive force upwards.
  • Plasma Bomb [2]: An indiscriminate terrorist device capable of killing even a perfectly healthy opponent. A core explosion with multiple shrapnel tendrils, extremely lethal.
  • Plasma Detonator [2]: A remote detonation device. Deploy in strategic locations and detonate from a safe distance.
  • Fixed Cannon [1]: A stationary laser turret with excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. This mechanical friend in the field can do your work for you.
  • Flare [1]: The Orion Flare is a stationary mini-torch looks like a bomb in flight but has a more lingering effect. Useful for blocking off tight areas or herding enemies.
  • Camera [1]: A remote viewing device that allows an agent to monitor an area on his/her HUD. Can be discreetly removed in a puff of smoke. When secrecy is a way of life.
  • Base Door [1]: The ability to relocate the warp door to your base.
  • Base Defense [1]: Internal security systems to deter would-be ambushers. In-base laser turrets. Multiple purchases increase turret structure durability.
  • Insider Info [1]: Your contacts on the inside can give you information about secrets. For a price of course.
  • Neutron Bomb [8]: A portable neutron bomb that swiftly eliminates all opposition in the entire region. The only defense against it is to be in your base. Use with extreme caution.


  • Arrows move selection zone.
  • Enter = Select choice.
  • Build Base: You need to do this soon after starting the game in order to collect files.


  • Left / Right Arrow = Run left or right.
  • Down Arrow = Duck or go down ladder shaft.
  • Down Arrow + Left / Right Arrow when on the ground = Roll.
  • Up Arrow = Jump / Climb Ladder
  • Disguise on/off: This is a very important feature as it will allow the Silencer to pass unnoticed in areas with guards, robots and defense lasers. Note that firing any weapon or being shot will immediately end a Silencer's disguise. Holding left/right down will force the civilian to run.
  • Down while Disguised = Stop walking

Jetpack: The jet-pack can be used for about 5 seconds at a time before needing to be recharged. Note that once started, the pack will drain after 5 seconds whether it is in use or not. A small tone will be heard when the jetpack is ready to use again. While in the air, hold down the Up Arrow key to grab a ladder. The duration of the jetpack can be upgraded for increased air time.

Experience Gained[edit]

  • Kills * 35xp
  • Deaths * 10xp
  • Secrets Returned * 125xp
  • Secrets Stolen * 200xp
  • Secrets Pickedup * 25xp
  • Secrets Dropped * 10xp
  • Files Hacked / 50xp
  • Files Returned / 50xp
  • Fixed Cannons Destroyed * 10xp
  • Guards Killed * 5xp
  • Robots Killed * 8xp
  • Defense Killed * 10xp
  • Civilians Killed * 2xp
  • (Weapon hits[0] / 3) * 1xp
  • (Weapon hits[1] / 3) * 2xp
  • (Weapon hits[2] / 3) * 3xp

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