Silent Gunpowder

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Gluvi barut
(Silent Gunpowder)
Directed by Bato Čengić
Produced by Mirza Pašić
Written by Branko Ćopić (novel)
Bato Čengić (screenplay)
Starring Mustafa Nadarević
Branislav Lečić
Fabijan Šovagović
Mira Furlan
Boro Stjepanović
Josip Pejaković
Zijah Sokolović
Music by Goran Bregović
Cinematography Božidar Nikolić
Tomislav Pinter
Edited by Andrija Zafranović
Release date
  • 15 March 1990 (1990-03-15)
Running time
116 minutes
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian

Silent Gunpowder (Serbo-Croatian: ''Gluvi barut'') is a 1990 Yugoslavian war film directed by Bato Čengić, starring Mustafa Nadarević, Branislav Lečić, Fabijan Šovagović, Mira Furlan, Boro Stjepanović and Josip Pejaković.


Based on a novel by Branko Ćopić and set during World War II, the film tells the story of a Serbian village in the mountains of Bosnia and its villagers who found themselves divided along two opposing ideological lines, represented by the Chetniks and the Partisans. These two opposing sides are personified in the Partisan commander Španac (Mustafa Nadarević) and a former Royal Army officer Radekić (Branislav Lečić). Španac sees Radekić as the cause of villagers' resistance to the new, Communist, ideology and so the main plot axis is the conflict between them.



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