Silent Poets

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Silent Poets
Also known as"Silence" Foundation Laboratory
OriginTokyo, Japan
GenresAcid jazz, downtempo, dub, trip hop
Years active1991 - present
LabelsToy's Factory, Yellow Productions
MembersMichiharu Shimoda
Past membersTakahiro Haruno

The Silent Poets is a Japanese electronic duo (now solo project). They have released six original albums and more than seven remix albums/EPs until now. Gaining international recognition, Silent Poets has been featured in countless music/fashion magazines, and in over 30 compilations around the world ranging from the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, including the well known "Cafe Del Mar" compilation.

Their music style is in the best Acid Jazz / Down-tempo traditions and have something in common with such artists as their countryman DJ Krush, United Future Organization, DJ Cam, etc. Among the characteristic features the deep piano parts, rich colourful orchestra sound and undulating charming rhythm could be highlighted.
The Silent Poets collaborate with such electronic / pop / rap music stars as ACO, Port Of Notes, Coldcut, Frederic Galliano, Attica Blues, Yasushi Ide, DJ Vadim, Kid Loco, Towa Tei, Spiritual Vibes, Shakkazombie, Ken Hirai, Ursula Rucker etc.
The Silent Poets speak the universal language of music, whether amongst themselves on the instrumental “Mass” (off 1996’s “Firm Roots”) or supported by guests such as Last Poets Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin and Sulieman El-Hadi on “Inquizative, Derivative” (off 1994’s “Words and Silence”).


Silent Poets was formed by Michiharu Shimoda in 1991. Their first meaningful work was the album "Potential Meeting" released in 1992 on Toy's Factory. After releasing their 5th album "To Come..." Hiruno left the group and Silent Poets became Shimoda's solo project. After that Shimoda composed music for fashion shows, released a huge number of remixes. The latest album Sun was released after 6 years gap in the end of 2005.



  • Potential Meeting (1993, Toy's Factory)
  • Words and Silence (1994, Toy's Factory)
  • drawing (1995 Toy's Factory)
  • Firm Roots (1996, Toy's Factory)
  • For Nothing (1997, Toy's Factory)
  • To Come... (1999, Toy's Factory)
  • Sun (2005, Rush! Production)
  • Another Trip from Sun (2013 Another Trip)
  • dawn (2018 Another Trip)


  • "La Vie"/"Shalom" 12“ (1994, Bellissima Records)
  • "Drawing" CD/LP (1995, Toy's Factory)
  • Cherry Tree EP CD/12 (1997, Toy's Factory)
  • Sugar Man EP CD (1999, Toy's Factory)
  • "Save the Day" 12“ (2000, Yellow Productions)
  • "Someday" 12“ (2000, Yellow Productions)


  • A Woman Like You (1993)
  • Tori (2004)


  • Cafe Del Mar vol 2 (dos), 1995
  • Funkungfusion from Ninja Tunes, 1998
  • X-Mix: Fast Forward & Rewind[1]


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