Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience

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Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience
Silentshout dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Marius Dybwad Brandrud
Starring The Knife
Music by The Knife
Edited by Marius Dybwad Brandrud
Distributed by Rabid Records
Release date
November 8, 2006 (Sweden)
November 21, 2006 (US, NTSC)

Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience is a live DVD from The Knife, taken from the April 12, 2006 concert at the Trädgår'n, Gothenburg, Sweden, in their 2006 Silent Shout tour. It was released in Sweden in November 2006 on The Knife's Rabid Records label.

The DVD features a 5.1 surround sound recording of the show (with visuals from Andreas Nilsson), as well as all 11 of their music videos. Their short film When I Found the Knife is also included.

The DVD was included in a limited edition box set version of Silent Shout released in July 2007 along with an additional CD of the concert's audio.

DVD track listing[edit]


  1. "Pass This On" – 5:42
  2. "The Captain" – 6:12
  3. "We Share Our Mothers' Health" – 4:22
  4. "You Make Me Like Charity" – 4:23
  5. "Marble House" – 4:58
  6. "Forest Families" – 4:17
  7. "Kino" – 5:06
  8. "Heartbeats" – 4:24
  9. "Silent Shout" – 5:19
  10. "From Off to On" – 5:35

Special features[edit]

Full videography

  1. "N.Y. Hotel"
  2. "Heartbeats"
  3. "You Take My Breath Away" (version 1)
  4. "Pass This On"
  5. "Handy-Man"
  6. "You Take My Breath Away" (version 2)
  7. "Silent Shout"
  8. "Marble House" (original Björn Renner video)
  9. "We Share Our Mothers' Health"
  10. "Like a Pen"
  11. "Marble House" (previously unreleased Chris Hopewell version)

Short Film

  1. "When I Found the Knife" (2004)

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