Silent Storm (film)

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Silent Storm
Silent Storm (film).jpg
Directed byPeter Butt
Produced byPeter Butt
Anna Greive
Rob McAuley
StarringBille Brown
Paula Arundell
Music byGuy Gross
Distributed byFilm Australia
SBS independent
Release date
Running time
90 minutes

Silent Storm is a 2003 Australian documentary film written and directed by Peter Butt.


From 1957 to 1978, scientists secretly removed bone samples from over 21,000 dead Australians as they searched for evidence of the deadly poison, Strontium 90 - a by-product of nuclear testing. Silent Storm reveals the story behind this astonishing case of officially sanctioned 'body-snatching'. Set against a backdrop of the Cold War, the saga follows celebrated scientist, Hedley Marston, as he attempts to blow the whistle on radioactive contamination and challenge official claims that British atomic tests posed no threat to the Australian people. Marston's findings are not only disputed, he is targeted as 'a scientist of counter-espionage interest'.

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