Silesian University of Technology

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Silesian University of Technology
Politechnika Śląska
Politechnika Śląska - Wydział Chemiczny2.jpg
Building of the Department of Chemistry, Gliwice
Established 24 May 1945
Rector Professor Andrzej Karbownik
Students 28,658 (2011)
Address Akademicka 2A, 44-100 Gliwice, Gliwice, Silesia, Poland
Affiliations EUA, SEFI, ICEE, Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM), TEMPUS, Socrates-Erasmus, LEONARDO DA VINCI, CEEPUS, COPERNICUS, COST, EUREKA

Silesian University of Technology (Polish name: Politechnika Śląska IPA: [pɔliˈtɛxɲika ˈɕlɔ̃ska]) is a university located in Gliwice, Silesia, Poland. It was founded in 1945 by Polish professors of the Lwow Polytechnic, who were forced to leave their native city and move to the Recovered Territories (see also Kresy). The University consistently ranks among the top most prestigious technical universities in Poland.

Silesian University of Technology is divided into 13 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 Institute and 2 Science and Education Centres:[1]

Twelve units (faculties, colleges and institute) are situated in Gliwice, two in Katowice and two in Zabrze. Centres of science and education are located in Rybnik and Sosnowiec.


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