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Silhouette International Schmied AG
Public Limited Company
IndustryProduction and distribution
FounderAnneliese and Arnold Schmied
Key people
Arnold Schmied, Andreas Meier, Thomas Windischbauer
Productsmanufacturer of premium eyewear
Revenue€ 170 million (2017)
Number of employees
1,600 (2018)

Headquartered in Linz, Austria, Silhouette International Schmied AG is a manufacturer of premium eyewear. The global company has cooperated with organizations such as NASA[1] and has been notably worn by celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II.[2]


Silhouette International Schmied AG was founded in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. Since 2018, Arnold Schmied, Jr. heads the company alongside Dr. Andreas Meier and Dr. Windischbauer. The company has 1,600 employees and 13 international distribution companies. Exports account for 95% of its production. Silhouette eyewear is available in over 100 countries. In 2017, around 5.5 million pairs of glasses were sold worldwide (including 2 million in Europe alone) under the company’s brands, Silhouette, adidas Sport eyewear and neubau eyewear. The company reported €170 million in revenue.


Silhouette garnered worldwide acclaim with the introduction of its “Titan Minimal Art” eyewear, characterized by its incredible lightness and optimal comfort. Since 2017, the company is full-service provider of made-in-Austria lenses and frames. Since 1993, Silhouette International has been producing sports eyewear under the licensed brand adidas Sport eyewear. In 2016, the neubau eyewear brand is launched, with urban lifestyle and sustainability as its core elements.[3]

Awards 2018[edit]

  • IF Design Award 2018 für TMA Unify [4]
  • Red Dot Design Award 2018 für TMA Icon. Accent Rings [5]
  • Red Dot Design Award 2018 für 3D collection - adidas Sport eyewear [6]
  • Good Design Award 2018 für Dani - neubau eyewear [7]

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