Silicon Messiah

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Silicon Messiah
Studio album by Blaze
Released May 22, 2000
Recorded Early 2000
Genre Heavy metal
Length 52:06
Label SPV
Producer Andy Sneap
Blaze chronology
Silicon Messiah
Tenth Dimension

Silicon Messiah is the debut studio album by English heavy metal band Blaze Bayley, then known as Blaze, released in 2000. The South American and Japanese versions of the album include several bonus tracks ("Motherfuckers R Us", "Steel" and "Interactive Track" and "The Day I Fell to Earth" on South American versions, with the last track being the only Japanese one). The cover artwork on the album features a number of images of people with their skin coloured blue and covered with what appears as computer circuitry.

The album was highly acclaimed by critics.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ghost in the Machine - 4:20
  2. Evolution - 4:54
  3. Silicon Messiah - 5:11
  4. Born as a Stranger - 5:52
  5. The Hunger - 7:05
  6. The Brave - 4:03
  7. Identity - 5:25
  8. Reach for the Horizon - 4:30
  9. The Launch - 2:53
  10. Stare at the Sun - 7:48
  • South America Only Bonus Tracks
  1. "The Day I Fell To Earth"
  2. "Motherfuckers R Us"
  3. "Steel"