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Silicon Sisters is a video game developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company creates games for a female audience and is the first Canadian video game studio owned and run by women.[1] Silicon Sisters was founded by Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes in July 2010.[2] They released their first game, School 26, in April 2011.[3] School 26 used the tool of empathy to advance in the game, and was downloaded more than 1,000,000 times in English, French and Japanese in 36 different countries. It gained recognition from parenting groups and game reviewers for the diversity represented in the game, as well as the positive skills gained by exploring empathy. School 26: Summer of Secrets followed in the summer of 2012 and saw the exchange of secrets to advance or hinder the forward movement in the game.

The most recent game from the studio was geared toward adult women, a romance choose your own adventure light Role Player Game (RPG) called Everlove. Averaging 4.4 on reviews in Google Play and iTunes, The game was well received critically but not a commercial success. All products were created on a native built game engine for iO/S and Android.


Everlove review Score on Google Play

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