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Silicon shire

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Silicon Shire logo
The logo of the Silicon Shire region.

In 2012 the Eugene, Oregon, metro area of the United States was dubbed the Silicon Shire.[1][2][3][4] Like many regions that have taken on Silicon-themed names,[5] the Silicon Shire is home to a thriving technology sector.[6][7][8][9] In 2015, the region's rapid growth led to Eugene being named one of "The Next Top 10 Cities For Tech Jobs" by Fast Company magazine.[10]

There are more than 400 companies in the Silicon Shire region, employing more than 4,570 people with an annual payroll of about $296 million.[11] Key factors in the region's growth are the presence of higher education, a high quality of life, a low cost environment, and technological advancements.[12] The region is home to the largest game developer cluster in Oregon,[13] and also is the location of Symantec's third largest site in the world.[14] In addition to technology, the region also boasts a significant healthcare sector as well as food processing, craft breweries, and small-scale agriculture.[15] Regional companies have developed partnerships with local school districts to advance STEM education in the region.[16]

In 2013, companies from the region organized an event at the University of Oregon which gave students and faculty a chance to mingle with representatives from local tech firms.[17] In early 2015, companies from the region partnered with an international advocacy group for mobile app developers to host an event featuring speakers including Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Peter Defazio.[11][18] Later that year, Alaska Airlines obtained a federal Small Community Air Service Development grant to establish a direct route connecting the region to Silicon Valley.[19]

In 2016, the City of Eugene, the Eugene Water and Electric Board, and the Lane Council of Governments partnered to construct a municipally-owned fiber network called EUGNet.[20][21] The development of this network and the region's well established tech sector were key factors that led to Eugene being named a "Gigabit City" by the Mozilla Foundation in early 2017.[22][23][24] Mozilla offered $150,000 in grants to regional organizations to fund a range of technology projects focused on making technology in the region more inclusive and engaging.[25]

In early 2018, the Silicon Shire region was featured in an article in WIRED Magazine.[26]

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