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Silk Central
Developer(s) Borland (a Micro Focus company) previously Borland, Segue
Initial release 2005
Stable release
12.1 / Released December 2012
Development status Active
Operating system Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows XP 64 bit Service Pack 1 (execution server), Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit (execution server), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit/64 bit Service Pack 1 (execution server)
Platform Windows, Execution Agents (Windows & Linux)
Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Simplified Chinese
Type Test Management
License Proprietary

Silk Central is a test management software product developed by Borland that is marketed to improve productivity, traceability, and visibility for all types of software testing. SilkCentral Test Manager is an open software test management product that supports both responsive and traditional development projects.[1]

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