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Silkheart Records

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Silkheart Records
Founded1985 (1985)
FounderLars-Olof Gustavsson
Keith Knox
Country of originSweden
Official websitewww.silkheart.se

Silkheart Records is a Swedish record company and label dedicated to improvised music and free jazz.

Lars-Olof Gustavsson and Keith Knox founded Silkheart in 1985. In 1991, Jimmy Johnson of Forced Exposure suggested that Silkheart "could easily be considered for the new ESP-Disk throne."[1] The Penguin Guide to Jazz describes the four albums that Dennis González recorded for the label as "part of a determined effort to wrest creative initiative back from New York and the West Coast".[2]: 513–514  Charles Brackeen (whom Silkheart's management[3] and González[2]: 513–514  had coaxed out of retirement) recorded three albums for Silkheart.[2]: 159 



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