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Silkski- Young Billionaire's Life.jpg
Background information
Birth name Jerome Evans Jr.
Also known as Silkski, Tha Don of All Donz, Silk Corleone, Tha D.O.D., Tha Drunken Tiger, Silkski Shawborn, Don Donnie
Origin Brooklyn, Queens
Died October 28, 2016
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer, actor
Years active 1988–2016
Labels Protect-Ya-Neck Records, Wu Tang Management, Da Gutta Ent, Street Scholar, Bungalo, Universal Music Group, Quality Records, Warlock Records, Capitol, Geffen Records, Priority Records, Def Jam, Milan Records, PolyGram, Columbia, Death Row, Dangerous Records, DSX Records, EMI Records
Associated acts ODB, Wu-Tang Clan, Brooklyn Zu, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin (emcee), Tha Alkaholiks, Ice-T, Rhyme Syndicate, Kurtis Blow, DJ Tomekk, Digital Underground, DJ Quik, Skee-Lo, Flava Flav, LL Cool J, Battlecat (producer), DJ Pooh, Bloods and Crips

Jerome Albert Evans Jr., known as Silkski, is an American rapper, song writer, and music producer who is known from his affiliation with Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB) and the Wu-Tang Clan, whose affiliates are known as the Wu-Tang Killa Beez. Silkski is a PYN, Wu-Tang Management, Da Gutta Ent., Bungalo, Street Scholar, Universal Music Group artist and was a member of Brooklyn Zu before ODB's death.


Silkski and ODB
Silkski and ODB
Silkski, ODB and Mother at press conference
Silkski, ODB and Mother at press conference

Silkski featured on albums, done out of the United States, such as Neplatna Identita Hodne Tvari / Many Faces;[1] 10th Anniversary (CD Collector); and Russia Vs USA “Spy Games” Wu Edition, Compiled By WTCF.[2]

While appearing in many Wu-related events, Silkski made appearances on Vh1 “Inside out, ODB on Parole”; “The Disciples Of The 36 Chambers” (DVD) concert from ODB’s last major Wutang concert July, 17, 2004, before ODB's death; “Rock the Bells”[3] movie documentary of the same concert now on DVD; The Wu-Tang Story, and documentary Dirty, One Word Can Change The World; and BET’s “Access Granted” with Ghostface and RZA from Ghostface featuring Missy Elliott “Tush” video.

Jerome Evans aka Silkski

In 1995, Silkski performed and produced the song “Techno Boy” for the movie score and soundtrack of the film Copycat.[4] The film grossed $32,051,917 in the United States, and £2,023,443 in the UK.[5] In 1996, Silkski produced the song "Pimp'n Ain't EZ" for the movie and soundtrack of the 1996 animated feature film Beavis and Butt-head Do America, which grossed $20.11 million in its opening weekend,[6] and grossed over $127,118,386 in North American box office sales. Silkski also produced songs that went over platinum on the Bloods & Crips "Bangin' on Wax” albums,[7][8][9] as well as an album for Ice-T that went gold.[10]

Silkski on stage 2015

Early years[edit]

Silkski family is well connected into the music industry, but that is not got him his start. “She (Silkski’s mom) tried to keep me in the nice area”, said Silkski, “but I went the other way.””[11]

Silkski on stage
Silkski at age 21
Silkski with Ice T back in the day



  • Rock the Bells[3] (2006) Denis Hennelly, Casey Suchan
  • Disciples Of The 36 Chambers (2004) Wu-Tang Clan
  • “Gold Diggin' For Love of Money” A Documentary Film[12] (2009) Brass Ring Enterprises


  • Howard Stern Show (2003) Howard Stern
  • Upside Down TV (2003) Johnny Neurotic and Bridget "the Midget" Powerz
  • The Roof T.V. (2003) (Telemundo)
  • Access Granted "Tush" video Ghostface and Missy Elliott (2004) BET
  • Inside out, ODB on Parole (2004) VH1


Mixtape / Album Song Year
Co-Defendants - Criminal Season -Exclusive- Part Of The Zoo[13] 2012
VA Wu-Brick Presents Wu-World Order Vol. 2 The Hajj[14] 2011
Ice-T's The Final Destination Vol 1 "The Cure" Tha Cure 2011
Russia vs USA - Spy Games compiled by WTCF Goodbye Weapons[2] 2011
Co-Defendants - Killa Season Intro of Silkski[15] 2010
Dj Scarface - The Congregation (Hosted By Cappadonna) Sista Love (What Happened)[16] 2009
Neplatna Identita - Many Faces Reloaded; Fake MCS[17] 2009
Shawneci – Killa Angelz Fist of The Drunken Tiger[18] 2009
Wu-Fam - Myspace Exclusives Vol. 7 Silkski In Paris[19] 2008
Dj Swarm - Wu-Underground Vol. 3 No Money[20] 2006

Albums and singles[edit]

Title Credit Label Year
Alcoholism[21] Single Painkillas (Silkski & Tash) ft. Papa Chief


artist Da Gutta Ent. 2013
Sista Love (What Happened)[22][23] ft. Cappadonna


artist / producer Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group 2008
Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2 - Like Father, Like Sonn "Watchin Me" producer / artist Duck-Lo Records / Chambermusik 2005
24/8 Tha EP (Strickly For Tha Underground) producer / artist Protect-Ya-Neck Records, Wutang Management, DaGutta Entertainment 2003
Tha Don Of All Donz[24]


producer / artist Protect-Ya-Neck Records, Wutang Management, DaGutta Entertainment 2003
No Money

Single [24]

producer / artist Protect-Ya-Neck Records, Wutang Management, DaGutta Entertainment 2003
Bang'n On Wax: The Best Of The Damu's producer Quality Records / Warlock Records / Capitol Records 1997
Beavis and Butt-head Do America "Pimpin Aint EZ" producer[25] Geffen Records, Paramount Pictures 1996
Madd Head - Tripp2nite (remix) producer Geffen Records 1996
Ice T "VI – Return of the Real" producer[26] Priority Records 1996
LL Cool J - Ain't Nobody / Madd Head - Pimp'n Ain't Ez Single producer Def Jam Recordings 1996
Copycat[4] Soundtrack (Techno Boy)[24] performer / writer Milan Records 1995
Raiders of the Lost Art[27] "G-Party" (Kurtis Blow) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals: Background, Chant[27] PolyGram, DCC Compact Classics/Sony Music Special Products, Columbia Records 1994
Bang'n On Wax, Vol. 2: The Saga Continues" (Slob 187) producer[28] Quality Records / Warlock Records / Capitol Records 1994
NiNi X - She's Dangerous (Take That Mutha F-Cka) producer[29] Dangerous Records 1994
No Holds Barred (Tweedy Bird Loc album)(Outta Here) artist Quality Records / Warlock Records / Capitol Records 1994
Ronnie Ron* - Gangsta Boom - Sample Your Ass Off producer Dangerous Records, Pump Records, Warlock Records 1993
Bang'n On Wax: (C-Sick , K's Up) producer[24][30] Quality Records / Warlock Records / Capitol Records 1993
Silkski Shawborn Featuring Project "X" - Depression "99" / Ya! On A Mission producer / artist DSX Records 1989


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