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Privately held company
Founded 2001
Founder Oliver Emberton
Headquarters Derby, United Kingdom
Services Software

Silktide is a British software company founded in July 2001 by Oliver Emberton.[1]


For the first 10 years, Silktide was a web design agency creating websites for local and national companies. In July 2011, the company gave up web design to focus on its main product, Sitebeam, a tool for testing and reporting on websites.[2]



Sitebeam is Silktide's main product, a web-based website testing and reporting tool. Sitebeam was originally called "Sitescore", but renamed to "SiteRay" due to a trademark conflict.[3] SiteRay then became Sitebeam.[4]


An online website testing and reporting tool launched in October 2011.[5]

Cookie law protest[edit]

In 2012, Silktide openly protested the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, put in place in May 2011. Silktide challenged the UK's Information Commissioner's Office to punish them over its use of web cookies. Silktide created the website to highlight how "ineffective" the privacy directive is. Silktide baited the ICO, writing "Dear ICO, sue us. Send in a team of balaclava-clad ninjas in black hawk helicopters to tickle us to death with feather dusters".[6]


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