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Sill may refer to:

  • Fort Sill, a United States Army post near Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Mount Sill, a California mountain
  • Sill, Swedish word for herring (the Norwegian and Danish equivalent is sild, the Icelandic is síld)
  • Sill (dock), a weir at the low water mark retaining water within a dock
  • Sill (geology), a subhorizontal sheet intrusion of molten or solidified magma
  • Sill may also refer to the rise in depth near the mouth of a fjord caused by a terminal moraine
  • Sill (geostatistics)
  • Sill plate, a construction element


  • Beverly Sills (1929–2007), American operatic soprano
  • Douglas Sills (born 1960), American actor
  • Edward Rowland Sill (1841–1887), American poet and educator
  • Eileen Sills, a British chief nurse and NHS national guardian
  • Joshua W. Sill (1831–1862) American Civil War brigadier general
  • Judee Sill (1944–1979), American singer and songwriter
  • Lester Sill (1918–1994), American record label executive
  • Paul Sills (1927–2008), director and improvisation teacher, and the original director of Chicago's The Second City
  • Tim Sills (born 1979), English footballer
  • Zach Sill (born 1988), Canadian ice hockey player

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