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many people in colorful clothing are shopping at an open air market
Aerial view of the Main Bazaar at Sillanwali
سِلانٚوالى‎ is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°49′30″N 72°32′20″E / 31.82500°N 72.53889°E / 31.82500; 72.53889Coordinates: 31°49′30″N 72°32′20″E / 31.82500°N 72.53889°E / 31.82500; 72.53889
Country  Pakistan
Elevation 173 m (568 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0992

Sillanwali (Punjabi, Urdu: سِلانٚوالى‎) is a town of Sargodha District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town is tehsil headquarters of Sillanwali Tehsil.[1] It lies in the southern area of Sargodha, located approx. 13 km from Farooka. It borders with Jhang District in the Bhatiore area. Population is mainly Muslim and Punjabi speaking.


The town developed in the late 19th century during the rule of the British empire. It was planned to be an agricultural business hub or mandi ("wholesale market").

It was a planned town developed after canals were built for agricultural purposes and a railway line was established. Even today, the railway station at Sillanwali is known as "Sillanwali Mandi" in railway records. Before the Partition of India in 1947, Sillanwali was well known for the production of cotton. Most of the population were Hindu Khatris. After partition the Hindus migrated to India and their property was taken over by the Muslim Sheikhs (having Khatri Origin), most of whom had migrated from Karnal District of Haryana state which had been part of united Punjab but became part of Indian Punjab after 1947.

At the same time, Jat Sikhs migrated to India, and members of the Rajput, Arain, Khokhar, Sheikh, Rehmani Gujjar and Dogar moved to Silanwali and the surrounding villages.

Sufi tomb[edit]

The dargah (tomb and shrine) of Pir Muhammad Barkhudar Gilani Qadri is located in Silanwali. It is the oldest and most celebrated dargah in the area. Urs is held annually on March 1. Hundreds of murids attend this event from different cities and regions, as well as local people.


Among several high schools in town, Govt High school No.1 & Govt High school No.2 are famous and providing education. There are two degree colleges in Sillanwali (one for boys & second for girls). Two high schools for girls.A number of private schools & colleges are facilating the people in terms of good education A Dar-ul-Ilm Model School 121nb providing excellent education to students.


Agricultural lands in the suburbs of Sillanwali

Sillanwali is famous for its excellent variety of orange. The famous farmer in the area Chahudhary Iftikhar Malhi is famous for their excellent variety of orange. Their farm of kinnow is famous in the area due to very rich variety of kinnow.


There are two hospitals in the city. One was Rural Health Center(RHC) now updated to Tehsil Headquarters(THQ) Hospital Sillanwali. And the second is Civil Dispensary that is situated at Railway Road.