Silly Sally

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"Silly Sally"
Silly Sally cover.jpg
Single by Iron Butterfly
B-side "Stone Believer"
Released 1971
Recorded 1971
Genre Rock
Length 2:12
Label Atlantic
Producer(s) Brad Shapiro & Dave Crawford

"Silly Sally" is a song by Iron Butterfly that was released as a single in 1971 after the departure of Doug Ingle. Mike Pinera and M. Jones wrote "Silly Sally" in an attempt to keep the band together. Though the usual B-side is "Stone Believer", it has also been issued with "Butterfly Bleu" (voice box solo) on the B-side. The single did not chart and in 1971 Iron Butterfly disbanded.

Track listing[edit]

Side one

  1. "Silly Sally" (M. Pinera, M. Jones) – 2:12

Side two

  1. "Stone Believer" (Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy, Lee Dorman) – 4:25