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Silpat is the brand name of a silicone mat from Sasa Demarle Inc. used in baking and in the production of candy to provide a non-stick surface without fat or parchment paper.

Silpat non-stick baking mats are made in France with meshed silicone. The Silpat brand name and an orange border appear on each mat.

They are produced in a range of sizes, suitable for domestic and commercial ovens. All conform to FDA regulations and are NSF certified and Kosher certified.

Sasa Demarle also manufactures these Silpat products:

Silpain – Specialized non-stick mat for bread and baked goods. Can be used to freeze, proof and bake all dough types.

Silpat Entremet – Nonstick silicone casserole-style baking pan.

Roul’Pat – Non-stick countertop workstation mats, for rolling dough and working with fondant.

Sil-Eco – An economical line of non-stick baking mats.


Sasa Demarle, maker of Silpat products, was founded in 1965 in northern France by M. Guy Demarle, an experienced baker looking for better ways to bake baguettes. He invented the first non-stick baguette baking trays with silicone coating, creating a new type of professional and home bakeware. Then he created the original Silpat non-stick baking mat, which is used in the foodservice industry and by home bakers.

Sasa Demarle is headquartered in Wavrin, France. Sasa Demarle Inc. operates through the Sasa Industrie Group. In 1993, the company opened a U.S. office in Cranbury, New Jersey, to bring Silpat to the North American market. In 2000, Sasa Industrie Group merged with Demarle’s parent company in France to form a new global leader in non-stick baking products.


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