Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka
Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka webm.png
Written byGajra Kottary
Directed byRavi Bhushan
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes292 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Sunjoy Waddhwa[1]
Running timeApproximately 20 minutes
Production company(s)Sphere Origins
DistributorViacom 18
Original network
  • Colors TV (4 June 2018 – 23 November 2018)
  • Voot (26 November 2018 – present)
Picture format
Original release4 June 2018 (2018-06-04) –
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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka (transl. sequence of changing relationships)[1] is an Indian Hindi drama television series, which premiered on 4 June 2018 on Colors TV.[2] It is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa under Sphere Origins.[3][4] The show focuses on changing relationships, love triangles and extra marital affairs.[5][6][7] From 2018 to 2019, the story revolved around Mauli, Nandini, Kunal, Rajdeep and Ishaan played by Aditi Sharma, Drashti Dhami, Shakti Arora, Abhinav Shukla and Kinshuk Mahajan. In March 2019, the show took a generation leap and focused on Mishti, Pari, Ruhaan and Veer played by Tejasswi Prakash, Aneri Vajani, Kunal Jaisingh and Rohan Gandotra.[8]

The show is about childhood friends Nandini and Mauli who get separated and after seven years they met. Later, Nandini falls in love with Kunal, Mauli's husband.[9] The series also shows domestic violence against women by focusing on Nandini's husband, Rajdeep.[10][11] The series' first season was broadcast on Colors TV. The second season was released on the digital streaming platform Voot.


Mauli and Nandini are childhood best friends who live in Lucknow. Unfortunately, they have a fallout because Nandini chooses Rajdeep over Mauli's friendship despite Mauli warning her of his bad character and personality.

Present day, there are two couples; Mauli and Kunal, Nandini and Rajdeep. Kunal is a pediatrician and Mauli is a gynecologist. The two support each other through everything. On the other hand, Nandini is a victim of domestic violence. Rajdeep is an ambitious businessman and a dominating husband who doesn't leave any chance to abuse Nandini, both physically and mentally.

Kunal ends up running into Nandini at a medical conference. He discovers that Nandini is the same friend Mauli keeps reminiscing about. He talks to Mauli about it and they decide to schedule a meeting. Nandini and Mauli meet after seven years. Rajdeep beats Nandini and leaves her in the middle of the road. Kunal ends up finding her and takes her to the hospital. Mauli and Kunal convince Nandini to speak up against the abuse, so Nandini gets Rajdeep arrested on domestic violence charges.

By spending time together, Kunal starts falling for Nandini. He reminds himself about Mauli but he's unable to stop thinking about Nandini. Slowly, Nandini begins to feel the same for Kunal. They decide to avoid each other in an attempt to hide their feelings. After many instances of awkward staring and avoiding each other's paths, Nandini decides to leave town because of her inability to control her feelings for Kunal. When Kunal gets to know about this, he stops her and confesses his own feelings for her.

Nandini and Kunal start having a secret relationship and soon after, consummate it. One day, Mauli sees Nandini and Kunal hugging each other and breaks down, realizing that they were cheating on her. She decides to file for a divorce from Kunal. Mauli finds out that she is pregnant but Kunal accuses her of false pregnancy and divorces her in order to marry Nandini. Kunal and Nandini get married.

6 years later[edit]

Mauli lives with her daughter Mishti and her best friend Ishaan who is extremely loving and caring. Mishti considers Ishaan her father. Kunal returns from London with his and Nandini's daughter Pari. He is unaware about Mishti being his daughter. Mishti and Pari become best friends without knowing their real relationship.

Circumstances bring Kunal and Mauli face to face. Mauli learns that Nandini died due to cancer whereas Kunal learns about Mishti being his daughter. Ishaan proposes Mauli for marriage and they decide to get married. Meanwhile, Kunal meets with an accident and loses his memory. He doesn't remember his daughters and Nandini. Mauli and Ishaan postpone their marriage. While Mauli stays with Kunal till he regains his memory, Ishaan takes care of Mishti and Pari. Eventually, Kunal regains his memory. Mauli chooses Ishaan over Kunal and the two get married.

17 years later[edit]

Mishti and Pari have grown up. Mishti is a perfectionist who believes in love and commitment. Pari, on the other hand is commitment phobic and easy going. They run an event management company. Mauli, Kunal and Ishaan are dead. Mishti is about to get engaged to her boyfriend Veer. Meanwhile, Pari's childhood bestfriend Arnav is in love with her but she doesn't feel the same for him.

Pari meets Ruhaan and gets fascinated by him whereas Ruhaan sees Mishti and gets attracted to her. Ruhaan turns out to be Veer's close friend and thus begins living in Mishti and Pari's house as a paying guest. Mishti and Ruhaan share a conflicting relation whereas Pari and Ruhaan form a bond of easy going friendship. Mishti and Veer get engaged. Ruhaan tries to ignore his feelings for Mishti when he finds out that she is Veer's fiance.

Meanwhile, Mishti gets nervous sensing how different she feels when she is around Ruhaan and tries to push away her feelings. Pari, on the other hand, realises that she has fallen in love with Ruhaan. On learning this, Arnav is left heartbroken. Unable to run away anymore, Mishti accepts having feelings for Ruhaan.

Eventually, Mishti and Ruhaan confess their love to each other. Mishti breaks off her engagement with Veer telling him that she can't marry him as she doesn't love him.

Through a series of events, Veer finds out about Mishti and Ruhaan. In order to get back at Mishti, Veer informs Pari about Mishti and Ruhaan's relationship. On the other hand, Mishti too gets to know about Pari's feelings for Ruhaan through Radhika. Mishti decides to sacrifice her love for Pari, thus she denies having feelings for Ruhaan when Pari questions her. Mishti fakes getting back together with Veer. Pari proposes Ruhaan but he tells her that he loves someone else.

Ruhaan questions Mishti's sacrifice but she remains adamant. Mishti asks Ruhaan to marry Pari. He denies at first but later agrees when she asks him to do it out of his love for her. Ruhaan then asks Mishti to marry Veer the same day. Unable to refuse in front of Radhika, Mishti reluctantly agrees.



  • Aditi Sharma as Dr. Mauli Khanna– Nandini's childhood friend; Kunal's former wife; Ishaan's wife; Mishti and Ansh's mother (2018–2019)
  • Shakti Arora as Dr. Kunal Malhotra– Radhika's son; Mauli's former husband; Nandini's husband; Mishti and Pari's father (2018–2019)
  • Drashti Dhami as Nandini Malhotra– Mauli's childhood friend; Rajdeep's former wife; Kunal's wife; Pari's mother (2018)
  • Abhinav Shukla as Rajdeep Thakur– Nandini's former husband (2018)
  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Ishaan Khanna– Mauli's husband; Mishti's adoptive father; Ansh's father (2018–2019)
  • Tejasswi Prakash as Mishti Khanna– Mauli and Kunal's daughter; Ishaan's adoptive daughter; Pari and Ansh's half sister; Ruhaan's wife (2019)
  • Aneri Vajani as Pari Malhotra– Nandini and Kunal's daughter; Mishti's half sister (2019)
  • Kunal Jaisingh as Ruhaan– Veer's childhood friend; Mishti's husband (2019)
  • Rohan Gandotra as Veer Verma– Ruhaan's childhood friend; Mishti's former fiance (2019)


  • Jaya Bhattacharya as Radhika Malhotra– Kunal's mother; Mishti and Pari's grandmother; Ansh's adoptive grandmother; Sue's best friend (2018–2019)
  • Maisha Dixit as Young Mishti Khanna– Mauli and Kunal’s daughter; Ishaan's adoptive daughter; Pari and Ansh's half sister (2018–2019)
  • Arravya Sharma as Young Pari Malhotra– Nandini and Kunal's daughter; Mishti's half sister (2018–2019)
  • Neena Cheema as Yammini Malhotra– Kunal's grandmother (2018–2019)
  • Abigail Jain as Mehak– Kunal's friend (2018)
  • Prateeksha Lonkar as Sandhya Khanna– Ishaan's mother (2018–2019)
  • Roma Bali as Mauli and Mayank's mother (2018–2019)
  • Raj Singh as Mayank– Mauli's brother (2018–2019)
  • Unknown as Mayank's wife (2018–2019)
  • Prachi Thakkar as Sweety– Malhotra family's neighbour; Ishaan's cousin sister (2018)
  • Arjun Aneja as Manas– Mauli and Nandini's college friend (2018)
  • Sarita Joshi as Subhadra (2018)
  • Daljeet Kaur as Amrita (2018)
  • Akshit Sukhija as Arnav– Taani's brother; Sue's nephew; Pari's childhood friend (2019)
  • Dolly Minhas as Sukhmani aka Sue– Arnav and Taani's aunt; Radhika's best friend (2019)
  • Siddharth Kumar as Ansh Khanna– Mauli and Ishaan's son; Mishti's half brother; Taani's friend (2019)
  • Mishmee Das as Taani– Arnav's sister; Sue's niece; Ansh's friend (2019)
  • Bindia Kalra as Naina Verma– Veer's mother (2019)
  • Farukh Saeed as Mr. Verma– Veer's father (2019)
  • Evan Dixit as Young Ansh Khanna– Mauli and Ishaan's son; Mishti's half brother (2019)

Guest appearances[edit]

Special Episode (71-72)


Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 196 4 June 2018 4 March 2019
2 100 5 March 2019 18 July 2019




Background and production[edit]


Initially, Devoleena Bhattacharjee was selected to play Nandini but then the role went to Drashti Dhami. Sinilarly, Aham Sharma was selected to play Rajdeep but Abhinav Shukla was selected.[27][28]

Writing and development[edit]

The serial was named 'Bawre Nain' but the makers changed the title to 'Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka'.[3]

Drashti Dhami stated that the serial is not about extra marital affairs but it focus on the friendship between two friends and two couples and how circumstances takes place in their lives.[7][29][28][4]

Before the launch of the series, Manisha Sharma, programming head of Colors, stated that:

With this show, we are exploring an evolved and modern love story. The twist and turns every relationship goes through often complicates situations making the person break boundaries. This complicated yet interesting space will keep everyone intrigued and engaged, with viewers contemplating the difference between what feels right and what seems wrong.[1][30]


Critical reception[edit]

Shweta Ksheri of India Today wrote about Drashti Dhami, "Drashti Dhami nails it as the tormented wife; a good comeback for the actress."[31] Soumyata Chauhan of DNA India wrote: "Shakti-Aditi's sizzling romance perfectly off-sets Drashti Dhami's abusive marriage."[32] Shruti Shiksha of NDTV wrote: "The show is a good take on new-age friendship, love and marriage".[33] The Times of India stated, "Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka has managed to grab the attention of the viewers for its unique storyline and bold content".[34]


In the beginning, the makers and Drashti Dhami told that the series is not about extra marital affairs but how circumstances takes place in couples lives[4] and channel programming head of Colors stated that the serial is about exploring an evolved and modern love story.[1][30]

In September 2018, some audiences were not happy about the storyline and blames the makers and main cast for showing extra marital affairs content on national television.[34]

They started to troll on the main cast of the series on social networking sites.[34][35] They trolled Drashti Dhami and Shakti Arora for playing and choosing the character of Nandini and Kunal. Shakti Arora gave the indirectly replied to troller by uploading the image of him and named as:

If nobody hates you, you are doing something boring.[34]

Then someone replied to Shakti Arora's post by saying:

Putting up such captions would not make your character [Kunal] any better.. I am extremely disappointed by your character and honestly, I hate you and drashti for being so ridiculous. I mean how could someone write this kind of a storyline. Disgusting! You are surely gonna break relationships and also give them a stupid reason to do that.. pathetic serial.[34]

In returns to the troller comment, Shakti Arora also gave quickly replied by saying:

Then stop watching the show [and] do something constructive in life.. god bless...[34]

When trollers trolled Drashti Dhami, Aditi Sharma came out in support of Drashti Dhami by saying:

I have to say the role [Drashti Dhami choose] as Nandini requires a lot of courage. Only a true artist [and] a strong person can do that. I love her for the loving caring helping person she is. I request everyone that instead of getting personal [why] don't we appreciate [and] encourage her boldness.[35]


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