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Urmia County map

Silvaneh District (Persian: بخش سیلوانه‎‎) is one of the five districts (bakhsh) in Urmia County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. It is west of Lake Urmia, and lies between the city of Urmia and the Turkish border. Its administrative center is the city of Silvaneh. At the 2006 census, its population was 52,752, in 9,140 families.[1] The District has one city: Silvaneh. The District has three rural districts (dehestan): Dasht Rural District, Margavar Rural District, and Targavar Rural District.

The population of the district is Kurdish and Assyrian.


Silvaneh District is bordered:


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Coordinates: 37°25′N 44°51′E / 37.417°N 44.850°E / 37.417; 44.850