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Silver Bullet (born Richard David Brown, 12 September 1972 in London, England) is a British rapper. He went to school in London, then Buckingham and then was moved to Leighton Buzzard and then to Aylesbury in 1988. He is most remembered for his singles "Bring Forth the Guillotine" (Tam Tam record label, 1989) and "20 Seconds to Comply". Richard now spearheads multiple sound systems i.e. shuriken Monsta Farm / Haunted FM / Yello Disney


Silver Bullet had been rapping for years, long before his move from Twyford High School, London to Buckinghamshire, His first released work followed his move to Aylesbury, where he became part of the group Triple Element, who released "What's Dat Sound?" (also Tam Tam, 1988). Having come to the attention of the label, they went on to release his single "Bring Forth the Guillotine". Bullet's dyslexic, hardcore delivery and the hook of a James Brown sample ("Superbad") were an instant success and the single was twice re-issued with remixes by Ben Chapman and Norman Cook. The single was immediately followed by "20 Seconds to Comply", which was just as popular by reaching number eleven in the UK Singles Charts. Bullet's frantic rubbing was this time put up against samples from the film RoboCop and, in particular, a sample of ED-209 (from which the track took its name) (the track took its name from a run-in Bullet and his posse had with the law in Notting Hill Carnival).

Those waiting for a follow-up had to linger like a smell, as Silver Bullet's success brought him to the attention of Parlophone. He moved to them to release the single "Undercover Anarchist" (1991), and the album Bring Down the Walls No Limit Squad Returns.

Silver Bullet went on to guest on a variety of other artists tracks, then performed and toured with Ultramagnetic MC's / EnVogue. Bullet spent most of his time in the states but was to and fro back from England on regular occasions. Bullet also toured with Public Enemy, and liaised with Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen before relaunching himself as Silvah Bullet in 1998. A series of singles followed, and an album was recorded but never released, as the label Arthrob, a Warners subsidiary went bankrupt. He recorded "Red Rum Special" in 2003 which also is yet to be released. His most recent single was "Se7en" (Control Tower) in 2004.

Album discography[edit]

  • Bring Down the Walls No Limit Squad Returns (EMI - 1991) - UK #38[1]
  • Bring Down the Walls No Limit Squad Returns (Original Dope/Cherry Red - 2011): Reissue with extra liner notes and 4 bonus tracks.
  • Chemissinyadiss - single
  • Jewwellz and Diamondz - Single
  • Walk thru this world - single
  • Dem Beass - Limited release single


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