Silver Burdett

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Silver Burdett
Parent company Pearson Education
Founded 1888
Country of origin United States
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Music
Official website

Silver Burdett is an American primary education textbook publishing imprint owned by Pearson Education, which is a division of media conglomerate Pearson PLC. Silver Burdett was first formed as a company in 1888 when Frank W. Burdett purchased a controlling interest in the textbook publishing company, Silver & Company.[1] In 1962, Silver Burdett was acquired by Time Inc., and it became the distributor of Time-Life Books to schools and libraries.[1] In 1965 Silver Burdett became the first division of the General Learning Corporation, a muli-million collaboration between Time Inc. and General Electric.[1] Simon & Schuster purchased Silver Burdett in 1986, and merged it with Ginn & Company, a leading el-hi (elementary school and high school) textbook publisher - which formed the imprint Silver Burdett Ginn.[1] In 1998, Pearson PLC acquired Simon & Schuster's educational businesses (which included Silver Burdett Ginn) from S&S parent Viacom, and created Pearson Education.[1]


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