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The Silver Burn or Silverburn River (Manx: Awin Rosien) is a small river, about 5 miles long, on the Isle of Man which rises near the South Barrule and flows south. It passes St Mark's and in its lower reaches it flows under the Monks' Bridge at Ballasalla, and reaches the sea at Castletown harbour. Just above Ballasalla, the burn runs through the attractively wooded Silverdale Glen, a site which the Manx National Trust acquired in 1966.[1] It is joined by the Awin Ruy, a small left-bank tributary, immediately north of Ballasalla.[2] Between Ballasalla and Castletown, the Isle of Man Railway runs parallel and close to the river, and the southernmost part of the Millennium Way also follows the river here.


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Coordinates: 54°04′23″N 4°39′00″W / 54.0730°N 4.6501°W / 54.0730; -4.6501