Silver City (1951 film)

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Silver City
Directed by Byron Haskin
Produced by Nat Holt
Written by Frank Gruber
Based on novel High Vermilion by Luke Short
Starring Edmond O'Brien
Yvonne De Carlo
Barry Fitzgerald
Music by Paul Sawtell
Cinematography Ray Rennahan
Edited by Elmo Billings
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
December 1 1951
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1 million (US rentals)[1]

Silver City is a 1951 Western film directed by Byron Haskin and starring Edmond O'Brien, Yvonne De Carlo, and Barry Fitzgerald.[2]


When the mining office of Charlie Storrs is robbed by two bandits, his right-hand man Larkin Moffatt gives chase. Larkin catches up to the riders, but then rides off, never to return.

A furious Charlie fires him and spreads the word that Larkin is not a man to be trusted. Another very interested party is Josephine Storrs, who once was Larkin's woman but has recently married Charlie instead.

In the town of Silver City, where he isn't known, Larkin settles down and opens a mining assayer's office. Candace Surrency is pleased when Larkin confirms the value of the ore sample she brought him, but distressed because her dad, Dutch, is leasing the mine and has just 12 days to get while he can before mineral rights revert to the already rich and wealthy RR Jarboe.

Candace's foreman is beaten by a henchman of Jarboe's. She tries to get Larkin to work for her, but he declines. Into town ride Charlie and Jo, curious about Silver City mining opportunities. They are shocked to find Larkin there. It soon becomes clear that Jo only married Charlie for his money, not for love.

Jarboe's men sabotage the mine. Candace continues to plead for Larkin's help, but he resists. He does explain that he indeed was in on the robbery, planning it as a way to get more money for the greedy Jo, until a guilty conscious led him to leave for good, not spending the stolen loot.

In a final gunfight, Larkin is able to shoot two of Jarboe's henchmen. The only casualty is Candace's father, Dutch. As soon as the law can restore order, Larkin intends to see if he and Candace can become business partners and more.



The film was based on the novel High Vermillion. Film rights were bought by producer Nat Holt.[3] The title was changed to Silver City and Edmund O'Brien was signed to star.[4]

Yvonne de Carlo signed to play the female lead. "It's a very real, believable character," she said.[5]


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