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Silver Ginger 5 was originally formed in 1999 as a solo project for Ginger, lead singer/songwriter of The Wildhearts.

The band was not formed until after the recording of the album Black Leather Mojo, and despite the name only ever had 4 members. The name itself, according to Ginger, came from his trying to reassure himself in an uncertain time of his life; as he considered silver his lucky colour, and five his lucky number, he figured surrounding himself with luck would be a good move.


Ginger has repeatedly stated[1] that the band wrote a second Silver Ginger 5 album, but have not yet managed to find the time in their individual schedules to record it.

The Great White Monkey - live album


The band has played numerous live shows, with a revolving line-up, which has included the following members:

2010 marks the ten-year anniversary for the release of "Black Leather Mojo" and with great interest shown by fans of the band, the group members are in talks to perform a one off show during summer (2010) to celebrate the release of the album. Popular choices of venues include The Scala - Electric Ballroom and also the Underworld (Camden), all situated in London, though when mentioned to bass player "Random" Jon Poole, he insisted that the show would need to be bigger, thus hinting about the rumours of the band performing at the Download Festival held annually at Donnington Race Track.

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