Silver Jeans Co.

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Silver Jeans Co.
Industry Denim
Founded Winnipeg, Manitoba (1991)
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Key people
Michael Silver (President)
Products Denim
Revenue Increase US$ 150 million (FY 2015)
Parent Western Glove Works

Silver Jeans Co. is a designer denim company founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1991 by Michael Silver. Silver Jeans Co. also produces outerwear and T-shirts. Silver Jeans is manufactured by Western Glove Works, a family-owned company that has produced denim products since 1921. Since 2002, manufacturing has been transferred to factories in Asia.[1] [The company also produces and owns Jag Jeans . Silver Jeans can be bought in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.[2] As of 2015, the company generates around $150 million a year.[3]


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