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TheRapid Silver Line logo.svg
SystemInterurban Transit Partnership
Began serviceAugust 25, 2014 (2014-08-25)
Route typeBus rapid transit
LocaleGrand Rapids, Michigan
Start60th Street Station
EndRapid Central Station
Length9.6 mi (15 km)
Route map
0 Central Station
AmtrakBus interchange(1-16,18)
0.6 Monroe & Louis
Bus interchange(9,11,50,DW)
0.8 DeVos Place
Bus interchange(11,50,DN)
1.2 Medical Mile
Bus interchange(11,13,19,50,DN)
1.5 Spectrum/GRCC
1.8 Fulton Street
Bus interchange(4,14,15)
2.3 Mercy Health
Bus interchange(3)
2.6 Wealthy Street
Bus interchange(5,DW)
3.1 Franklin Street
Bus interchange(2)
3.5 Hall Street
4.0 Cottage Grove
4.6 Burton Street
Bus interchange(24)
5.2 Kroc Center
5.6 28th Street
Bus interchange(28)
6.6 36th Street
7.6 44th Street
Bus interchange(44)
8.9 54th Street
Bus interchange(1)
9.6 60th Street
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Number 90 is used in some electronic schedules where numeric data is required; the route is primarily identified as the Silver Line

The Silver Line is a bus rapid transit line run by the Interurban Transit Partnership in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. The line runs along Division Avenue on the Wyoming-Kentwood border into downtown Grand Rapids, where it loops around before terminating at Rapid Central Station. It began operation on August 25, 2014.[1]

The route is part of The Rapid transit network in the Grand Rapids metro area. It is the first BRT service in the state of Michigan.

There are 34 stations including the terminus platform at Central Station. Each station is equipped with a fare card vending machine, 24-hour lighting, an emergency phone, and a snow melt system under the platform. An illuminated text display informs passengers of expected arrival times. All stations have raised platforms that align with the floor of the rapid transit vehicle, making for very easy boarding and alighting.

Level boarding of bus rapid transit demonstrated


The Silver Line route travels 9.6 miles (15 km), mostly along Division Avenue from 60th Street on the Wyoming-Kentwood border, crossing into the City of Grand Rapids at 28th Street, and after Wealthy Street loops around the downtown area to Central Station in Grand Rapids.

Between 28th Street and Wealthy Street, Division Avenue has two "bus only" lanes which during peak hours only allow Silver Line vehicles passage, reducing delays due to conflicts with general traffic during busy times. There are also bus lanes on Monroe Avenue and Michigan Street.

Bus Lane Ahead sign on Division Avenue

The route also necessitated the introduction of the city's first transit-only traffic signal, at the intersection of Fulton Street and Ransom Avenue. This light assists the southbound Silver Line bus to turn left from its right lane position. Regular traffic is funneled into a single lane regardless of which direction they wish to turn.

View of the southbound station, located on Ransom Avenue. The bus turns left from the right lane with the aid of a dedicated signal. General traffic uses the left lane to turn right or left.

A parking lot was created at the southern terminus at 60th Street and Division, and acts as a Park'n'Ride facility. Parking at the facility is free.

Park'n'Ride lot visible to the right.


The fare structure is integrated with the rest of the Rapid bus network. A single fare costs $1.75, a day pass (valid until midnight) costs $3.50. Weekly and monthly passes as well as 10-ride passes are available. Unlike on the regular bus services, fares must be paid or validated prior to boarding.[2]

As of September 1, 2016, the service is free in the downtown area between Central Station and Wealthy Street. Rides originating or with destination south of Wealthy Street are subject to payment.


The Silver Line provides service 7 days a week, during similar hours to the rest of the Rapid network.

Weekdays (Monday–Friday)
Northbound Southbound
5:07 AM–5:33 AM Every 26 minutes 5:10 AM– 5:50 AM Every 20 minutes
5:33 AM–5:47 AM Every 14 minutes  
5:47 AM–8:57 AM Every 10 minutes 5:50 AM–9:00 AM Every 10 minutes
8:57 AM–2:57 PM Every 20 minutes 9:00 AM–3:40 PM Every 20 minutes
2:57 PM–3:23 PM Every 26 minutes  
3:23 PM–3:37 PM Every 14 minutes  
3:37 PM–5:47 PM Every 10 minutes 3:40 PM–6:10 PM Every 10 minutes
5:47 PM–6:47 PM Every 20 minutes 6:10 PM–6:30 PM Every 20 minutes
6:47 PM–11:47 PM Every 30 minutes 6:30 PM–12:00 AM Every 30 minutes
Northbound Southbound
5:47 AM–9:17 PM Every 30 minutes 6:00 AM–9:30 PM Every 30 minutes
Northbound Southbound
6:17 AM–6:17 PM Every 30 minutes 7:00 AM–6:30 PM Every 30 minutes


Geographically accurate map of the Silver Line

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