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For the coin issued in 1790, see Coinage of the United States of Belgium.
Silver Lion
Awarded for Film award
Country Italy
Presented by Venice Film Festival
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The Silver Lion or Leone d’Argento refers to a number of awards presented at the Venice Film Festival. The Silver Lion is awarded irregularly and has gone through several changes of purpose. Until 1995, Silver Lions were infrequently awarded to a number of films as second prize for those nominated for the Golden Lion. At various times, Silver Lions have also been awarded for debut films, short films and direction.

Silver Lion prize winners[edit]


From 1953 to 1957, Silver Lions were awarded to a number of films nominated for the Golden Lion as a second prize.



From 1983-1989, a Silver Lion was awarded to the best film by a debut director.


Since 1988, the award has been given to one or more films nominated for the Golden Lion.

Silver Lion for Best Screenplay[edit]

1990 - Sirup by Helle Ryslinge

Silver Lion for Best Short Film[edit]

Silver Lion for Best Direction[edit]

Silver Lion: Revelation[edit]


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