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Silver Peak Systems, Inc
Industry Networking hardware Software
Founded California 2004
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Area served
Key people

David Hughes (CEO)
Eric Yeaman (CFO)
Chris Helfer (SVP Sales)

Damon Ennis (SVP Products)

Silver Peak is a company that develops products for wide area networks (WANs). Its technology augments or replaces Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks with secure Internet connectivity, marketed as an SD-WAN. The company was founded in 2004 by David Hughes. Silver Peak shipped its first product, the NX-series hardware appliance, in September 2005.


Silver Peak's products fall under three categories: 1) finding connectivity alternatives in branch offices (EdgeConnect virtual and physical appliances), 2) improving application performance over distance (VX & NX appliances), and 3) accelerating replication workloads (VRX & NX appliances). Silver Peak offers both physical and virtual(software)[1] products for each use case.


Silver Peak's Unity EdgeConnect appliances are both physical (EC) and virtual (EC-V) form factors that create a virtual network overlay, allowing companies to use broadband Internet WAN connectivity with or in-place of Multiprotocol Label Switching connectivity.[2] See Also SD-WAN.

WAN Optimization Appliances[edit]

NX = Physical Appliance VX = Virtual Appliance

Model Bandwidth Connection Limit
VX-500/NX-700 2 Mbit/s 8,000
VX/NX-1000 4 Mbit/s 8,000[3]
VX/NX-2000 10 Mbit/s 64,000
VX/NX-3000 20 Mbit/s 64,000
VX/NX-5000 50 Mbit/s 64,000
VX/NX-6000 100 Mbit/s 128,000
VX/NX-7000 200 Mbit/s 128,000
VX/NX-8000 622 Mbit/s 256,000
VX/NX-9000 1 Gbit/s 256,000
NX-10K 2.5 Gbit/s 512,000[4][5]
NX-11K 5 Gbit/s 512,000

VRX Virtual Replication Acceleration Appliances[edit]

Model Throughput Connections VMware vSphere Hyper-V XenServer KVM
VRX-2 50 GB/hour 2,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
VRX-4 250 GB/hour 2,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
VRX-6 750 GB/hour 2,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
VRX-8 2048 GB/hour 2,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes



Silver Peak is a Dell partner for WAN optimization in over 30 countries, where Dell resells Silver Peak to improve the performance of Dell storage (EqualLogic and Compellent), networking (Force10), server, and virtual desktop (VDI) implementations over the wide area network.[6][7]


Silver Peak partners with VMware to offer its virtual WAN optimization products as part of the VMware vCloud Air offering.


EMC Corporation resells Silver Peak physical and virtual WAN optimization appliances, which are available through the EMC Select program. Silver Peak is also the only WAN optimization product qualified and integrated with EMC’s VPLEX Geo.[8] Silver Peak’s WAwan optimization products are E-lab qualified on Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Asynchronous (SRDF/A), Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Data Mobility (SRDF/DM), SAN Copy, Celerra Replicator, Isilon SyncIQ, RecoverPoint, and Atmos.[9]

Hitachi Data Systems[edit]

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) resells Silver Peak's WAN optimization products. Silver Peak can be deployed with HDS backup and replication products.[10]

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