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Silver Pozzoli (born Silvio Pozzoli, 1953) is an Italian Italo disco singer, keyboardist and guitarist who was popular in the 1980s.


He was also a part of Clubhouse, a lesser known Italian band of the 1980s under which they released several Italo house records such as "I'm A Man/Yeke Yeke Medley" & "Do It Again/Billie Jean Medley".

His many singles in the 1980s include the hits "Around My Dream" (1984), "Step By Step" (1985), and as Den Harrow, "Mad Desire" (1984).

Silver Pozzoli released the single "Sing Sing Sing Along" in Germany in 1992 under ZYX.

The follow-up single "Around My Dream '93" was released in 1993 in Italy and re-released in 2000 in a dance classics collection. It was written by Pegoraro, Bozzetti and Bais, produced by Stefano Scalera, and mixed by Mario Flores.

Then came the Eurodance single "Don't Forget Me", released in 1994 in Italy under PL, licensed in Germany under ZYX.

In 2005, Hot Steppaz remixed "Around My Dream". The single was released in Germany under the Dance Street label.



  • 1986 - Silver


  • 1984 - "Mad Desire" (performed vocals on this song of Den Harrow)
  • 1984 - "Around My Dream" [#21 in France, #9 Germany, #21 Netherlands, #25 Switzerland, #1 South Africa]
  • 1985 - "Step By Step" [#22 Netherlands, #12 South Africa]
  • 1986 - "Around My Dream" (Remix)
  • 1986 - "From You To Me"
  • 1987 - "Pretty Baby"
  • 1987 - "Chica Boom"
  • 1987 - "Cross My Heart" (Many Records)
  • 1987 - "Take My Heart"
  • 1988 - "Let Me Be Your Love" (co-written with David Lyme and released under the name Silver)
  • 1988 - "Love Is The Best" (TIME Records)
  • 1992 - "With Or Without You"
  • 1992 - "Sing Sing Sing Along" (ZYX Music)
  • 1993 - "Around My Dream '93"
  • 1994 - "Don't Forget Me" (ZYX Music)

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