Silver Rain Radio

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For other uses, see Silver Rain.
Silver Rain Radio
Broadcast area Russia
Frequency 100.1 FM

Silver Rain Radio (Russian: Серебряный Дождь) is a Russian (including post-Soviet countries) FM radio station since July 4, 1995. Radio frequency in Moscow, Russia - 100,1 FM. Initiator of the Silver Galosh Award for the most dubious achievements in show business every year. This prize awarded at the congress-hall of Radisson-Slavyanskaya hotel. Is known to be the most eccentric radiostation in Russia. The award can be compared to The Razzies

History timeline[edit]

Zaporozhets of Silver Rain Radio (as seen in 2007)

Source: Silver Rain Radio Homepage (translated from Russian)


Former staff[edit]

  • Nikolay Pivnenko [37]
  • Alexey Alexeyevich Eibojenko [38] and Konstantin Grigorievich Tsivilev [39] (surnames unknown, used collective pseudonym "Lazy-bones" or Lezheboki [40])


  • Headquarters is located in Russia, Moscow, Petrovsko-Razumovskaya Alleya, 12A, 127083


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