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Cover art
Designer(s)James Schmalz
Mode(s)Single-player or 2-4 players (hotseat)

Silverball is a 1993 pinball video game developed by Digital Extremes and Epic MegaGames and published by MicroLeague. It is basically a set of Epic Pinball tables distributed through retail. Silverball was the first set of pinball games created by James Schmalz and paved the way for the development of Epic Pinball.


The shareware version included the "Fantasy" table and nonplayable versions of "Blood", "Snooker Champ", and "Odyssey" in which the plunger does not work. There are also two tables which appear in the later released Silverball Plus 2, as well a bonus table that could be ordered for free when purchasing Silverball directly from Epic MegaGames.[citation needed]

Table Game edition Notes
Fantasy Original Silverball Shareware Table
Blood Not playable in Shareware version.
Snooker Champ
Duel Silverball Plus 2 Similar design as the Epic Pinball table "Magic".
Warbot Similar design as the Epic Pinball table "Excalibur".
Nova Silverball Installment Similar music as the Epic Pinball table "Space Journey".


Computer Gaming World stated that "the ball's action is a bit strange", behaving like rubber instead of steel. The magazine concluded that "Silverball ranks high for those who don't mind the unrealistic ball action".[2]


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