Silverband Falls

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Silverband Falls
20090614 Silverband Falls - Grampians National Park - Victoria - Australia.JPG
The Silverband Falls, located in the Grampians National Park
Silverband Falls is located in Victoria
Silverband Falls
Location of the Silverband Falls in Victoria
Location Grampians, Victoria, Australia
Coordinates 37°9′10″S 142°31′40″E / 37.15278°S 142.52778°E / -37.15278; 142.52778Coordinates: 37°9′10″S 142°31′40″E / 37.15278°S 142.52778°E / -37.15278; 142.52778[1]
Type Horsetail
Number of drops 1
Watercourse Dairy Creek

The Silverband Falls are waterfalls located in the Grampians National Park, in western Victoria, Australia. Fed by Dairy Creek, the horsetail falls are characterised by a narrow band of water that tumbles over a small rock face and then disappears into a rocky base. The creek re-emerges some 50 metres (160 ft) west of the falls.[2]

Early European visitors to the falls named it Silverband because of its narrow stream of water.

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