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Silvio Vittore Alberto Scionti (/ˈʃiɔːnti/, SHEON-tee; Italian pronunciation: [ˈʃonti]; born 20 November 1882; d 22 May 1973) was an Italian-born American pianist and teacher. Born in Acireale, Sicily, he trained at the Royal Conservatory in Naples. He eventually settled in the United States, teaching at the American Conservatory of Music, the Chicago Musical College, and North Texas State College (now the University of North Texas College of Music) from 1942[1] to 1953,[2] and privately in the Dallas area.[3] He performed as a soloist numerous times with the Chicago and Minneapolis orchestras, and frequently gave recitals. In the 1920s, he toured the United States performing piano duos with former student Stell Andersen.[3] After 1935, he and his wife Isabel toured Europe, Mexico, and the United States. He also recorded a handful of piano rolls.

Scionti died in Rome.[4]

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Remastered from Welte-Mignon or Ampico reproducing piano rolls or from commercial 78 rpm recordings


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