Sim e Não

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Sim e Não
NR SN.jpg
Studio album by Nando Reis e os Infernais
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Rock
Label Universal Music
Producer Nando Reis
Nando Reis e os Infernais chronology
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Sim e Não
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Sim e Não (Yes and No) is the fifth album released by Brazilian band Nando Reis e os Infernais. Two songs from the album were inspired by people close to Nando Reis: "Sim e Não" (inspired by his ex-girlfriend Nani) and "Espatódea" (inspired by his daughter Zoe).[1] Commenting on the latter, Reis said once Zoe asked him when he would compose "O mundo é bão, Zoézinha"(lit. The world is good (spelled as it is normally pronounced in the hillbilly dialect), Little Zoe, in a reference to the song "O Mundo É Bão, Sebastião!", which Reis had written for his son Sebastião).[2] "I tried to postpone it, but she didn't fell for that. Then I did this song ("Espatódea"). Unlike my other children, there is a particularity in our case: she's red-haired. And the son touches this bond of ours. "Espatodea" is a tree that has an orange flower. Zoé's hair has an intense orange color because she's very white."[2]

Sim e Não marks the first time Reis did not songwrite under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. He remarked this by saying:[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Sim ("Yes") - 3:56
  2. Sou Dela ("I'm Hers") - 4:58
  3. N - 3:33
  4. Monóico ("Monoicous") - 4:20
  5. Os Seus Olhos ("Your Eyes") - 3:44
  6. Santa Maria ("Saint Maria") - 3:21
  7. Espatódea ("Spathodea") - 3:45
  8. Para Luzir O Dia ("To Shine the Daylight") - 3:37
  9. Como se O Mar ("As The Sea") - 4:08
  10. Pra Ela Voltar ("For Her To Come Back") - 2:56
  11. Caneco 70 ("Trophy 70") - 6:32
  12. Ti Amo ("I Love You") - 5:21


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