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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sima.
Sima Fu
Prince of Anping 安平王
Reign 265-272
Born 180
Wen County, Henan
Died 272 (aged 91–92)
Issue Sima Yong, Hereditary Prince
Sima Wang, Prince of Yiyang
Sima Fu, Prince of Taiyuan
Sima Yi
Sima Huang, Prince of Xiapi
Sima Mei, Prince of Taiyuan
Sima Gui, Prince of Gaoyang
Sima Heng, Prince of Changshan
Sima Jing, Prince of Pei
Full name
Family name: Sīmǎ 司馬
Given name: Fū 孚
Courtesy name: Shuda 叔達
Posthumous name
Prince Xian of Anping 安平獻王
Father Sima Fang

Sima Fu (180–272)[1] was a politician of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.


Sima Fu was a younger brother of Sima Yi, and for this reason he served the state of Cao Wei. It was said that although he did not have the extraordinary abilities of his older brother, he was well learned, able, and generous. Because he was well versed in literature, it was said that he had a close relationship with Cao Zhi, a son of Cao Cao.

After the death of Sima Yi, he served Sima Yi's sons, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao. When the rival states of Shu Han and Eastern Wu attacked Cao Wei, Sima Fu led armies against them despite old age, and played an important role in halting their advances.

In 260, when Cao Mao was killed, he was one of the few people that wept.

When the Jin Dynasty was founded after the end of the Three Kingdoms period, Emperor Wu offered noble status to Sima Fu and all of his family, which Sima refused, saying "I am, and always have been, a servant of Wei."


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