Sima Lang

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Sima Lang
Official of Cao Cao
Born 171[1]
Died 217 (aged 46)[1]
Traditional Chinese 司馬朗
Simplified Chinese 司马朗
Pinyin Sīmǎ Lǎng
Wade–Giles Szu-ma Lang
Courtesy name Boda (traditional Chinese: 伯達; simplified Chinese: 伯达; pinyin: Bódá; Wade–Giles: Po-ta)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sima.

Sima Lang (171–217),[1] courtesy name Boda, was a politician who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.


When Luoyang fell under the control of the warlord Dong Zhuo, Sima Lang was able to escape with his entire family. He returned with them to his place of birth and escaped danger.

After this, he entered the service of Cao Cao, and was subsequently given the position of regional governor (太守) and then director of provincial regions (地方官吏). In these positions, it is said that he adopted policies with the common people in mind, and because of this he was greatly admired by them. His accomplishments were recognized by Cao Cao, and he was recalled to the court to take the position of assistant to the Prime Minister (丞相主簿). After this he was further promoted to the rank of governor (刺史) and again showed his administrative abilities. Once again adopting policies with the common people in mind, it is said that he was loved by a great many people.

Despite his accomplishments, however, he never ceased to praise those of his younger brother, Sima Yi. He went so far as to say, "I don't even come close to matching his abilities."

In the year 217, he accompanied Xiahou Dun and Zang Ba on a military expedition against Eastern Wu. During the campaign, a terrible illness broke out among the camp and many soldiers, as well as Sima Lang, fell ill. It is said that Sima Lang chose to distribute his medicine among the soldiers, refusing to take any of it himself. Because of this, he soon succumbed to the illness and died.


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  1. ^ a b c Sima Lang's biography in Records of the Three Kingdoms stated that Sima died at the age of 47 (by East Asian age reckoning) in the 22nd year of the Jian'an era (196-220) in the reign of Emperor Xian of Han. (建安二十二年, ... 遇疾卒,時年四十七。) By calculation, Sima Lang's birth year should be around 171.