Sima You

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Sima You
Traditional Chinese 司馬攸
Simplified Chinese 司马攸
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sima.

Sima You (248–283), courtesy name Taiyou (大猷), was the second son of the Cao Wei regent Sima Zhao during the Three Kingdoms period. Sima You became the heir to his uncle, Sima Shi, who at the time was childless. It is known that Sima You was a person of mild-mannered character who expected to be appointed emperor, but ended being passed over due to that of his young age. The heir that was chosen was Sima Zhao's oldest son Sima Yan, who established the Jin Dynasty not too long later after his succession.

Sima You's son, Sima Jiong, was one of the eight princes involved in the War of the Eight Princes during the Jin Dynasty.


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Prince of Qi
Born: 248 Died: 283
Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Cao Fang
Prince of Qi
Succeeded by
Sima Jiong