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Simba Technologies Inc.
Founded 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
Christopher Ney (CEO), Tony Fisher (GM), Jerry Wu (VP Engineering), George Chow (Technical Fellow), Matt Begg (VP Operations)
Products SimbaEngine ODBC SDK, SimbaProvider OLAP SDK, RelationalCube, SimbaO2X
Parent Magnitude Software

Simba Technologies Inc. is a software company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Simba specializes in products for ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and XML for Analysis (XMLA). The company licenses data connectivity technologies, and provides software development for Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac and mobile device platforms.[which?] Simba Technologies was founded in Vancouver and Seattle, Washington in 1991. Customers include Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, MIS AG, SAP AG and Descisys.


Simba's products include a JDBC/ODBC SDK, an OLAP/ODBO/XMLA SDK, a SQL to MDX adaptor, an ODBO to XMLA bridge, and MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, and other data connectivity products.


Simba co-developed the first standards based ODBC driver with Microsoft in 1992, Simba.DLL. The first ODBC driver was included in Microsoft Windows 3.1, and has since been installed on over 30 million computers.[citation needed] ODBC is a widely used data access inteface for relational database management systems RDBMS. DEC and Oracle licensed Simba products in 1993.[citation needed] In 1994, Attachmate, Liant and Simba jointly developed a product that would allow Attachmate to use Simba's SDK products to build their original QuickDB server.[citation needed]

In 1993, the company was the first to introduce an ODBC Software Development Kit SDK to build custom ODBC drivers allowing users to use standard-compliant Business Intelligence BI applications and platforms, such as PowerBI, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Alteryx and SAP BusinessObjects for analysis and reporting.

In 2012 Simba Technologies developed an ODBC driver for Hadoop/Hive Big Data sources.[1] The ODBC 3.52 driver enables users to directly access and analyse Big Data sources, using the BI tool of their choice.[2]


  • 1991 - Simba Technologies is founded in Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington
  • 1992 - Microsoft partners with Simba to develop ODBC
  • 1993 - Microsoft puts Simba technology on 30 million desktops
  • 1993 - Digital and Oracle partner with Simba
  • 1993 - First to ship complete software development kits for ODBC drivers
  • 1994 - Attachmate, Liant and Simba create legacy data product. Simba focuses on connectivity solutions
  • 1995 - Develops server-based ODBC for the UNIX market
  • 1996 - 100th customer signed
  • 1997 - The first "100% Pure Java" JDBC driver created
  • 1998 - The first to deliver native OLE DB and OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) toolkits
  • 1999 - Host and sponsor of the first-ever industry event InterOperate '99 in which, 16 OLAP server and application vendors performed interoperability testing, technical and marketing brainshare
  • 1999 - Appointed Chair of the MDX Conformance SIG of the Analytical Solutions Forum (ASF)
  • 2000 - SimbaEngine SDK 5.5 and SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK 2.0 released
  • 2000 - Simba and Orbital Technologies Inc. form an alliance
  • 2001 - SimbaEngine SDK 6.0 and SimbaEngine SDK 6.1 released
  • 2001 - SimbaLab is launched following InterOperate '99
  • 2002 - SimbaEngine SDK 6.2 and SimbaProvider for OLAP SDK 2.5 released
  • 2002 - Partners with Microsoft and Hyperion on XML for Analysis
  • 2002 - XML for Analysis InterOperate Workshop hosted
  • 2003 - SimbaEngine SDK 7.0 and SimbaProvider SDK 3.0 released
  • 2003 - XML for Analysis InterOperate Workshop II hosted
  • 2004 - SimbaEngine SDK 7.2, SimbaEngine SDK 7.3 and SimbaProvider SDK 3.1 released
  • 2005 - SimbaEngine SDK 7.4 released
  • 2006 - SimbaProvider SDK 3.5 and SimbaEngine SDK 7.5 released
  • 2007 - SimbaEngine SDK 7.5.2, SimbaLib SDK 8.0, SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 and SimbaProvider SDK 4.1 released. SimbaProvider SDK 4.0 includes the only MDX 2005 language compliant engine and parser outside of Microsoft. Simba's MDX 2005 technology is licensable for connectivity to multi-dimensional products from companies like Microsoft.
  • 2008 - SimbaEngine SDK 7.6 released
  • 2009 - Simba releases MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, SimbaEngine SDK 8.0, SimbaEngine SDK 7.7, SimbaProvider SDK 4.2 and Simba ODBC Driver for Microsoft HealthVault
  • 2010 - Simba releases SimbaEngine SDK 8.0.2 and SimbaProvider SDK 4.3 and SimbaO2X 4.3. Simba's MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP product receives TIA Award for Excellence in Product Innovation. Simba releases MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0
  • 2011 - Simba releases SimbaEngine SDK 8.1 and SimbaProvider SDK 4.4
  • 2012 - Simba releases SimbaEngine SDK 9[3] and ODBC 3.52 driver for Hadoop/Hive[2]
  • 2014 - Simba releases World’s First Big Data ODBC Drivers for Mac[4]
  • 2016 - Simba releases SimbaEngine X SDK featuring a new generation of client and server with 10X data throughput improvement
  • 2016 - Magnitude Software acquires Simba