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Highest point
Elevation 335 m (1,099 ft)
Coordinates 8°17′30″S 156°31′0″E / 8.29167°S 156.51667°E / -8.29167; 156.51667Coordinates: 8°17′30″S 156°31′0″E / 8.29167°S 156.51667°E / -8.29167; 156.51667
Location Solomon Islands
Mountain type Stratovolcanoes
Volcanic arc/belt Bougainville & Solomon Is.
Last eruption 1910 ± 10 years[1]

Simbo is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in the Western Province. It was known to early Europeans as Eddystone Island.[2] Simbo is actually two main islands, one small island called Nusa Simbo separated by a saltwater lagoon from a larger one. Collectively the islands are known to the local people as Mandegugusu, while in the rest of the Solomons the islands are referred to as Simbo.[3] Simbo has an active volcano called Ove as well several saltwater lagoons and a freshwater lake.

On April 2, 2007 Simbo was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami which is now known as the 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake. A 12 m tsunami destroyed two villages on the northern side of the island and killed 10 people.


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