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Simethicone structure.svg
Clinical data
Trade namesInfacol, Wind-eze, WindSetlers, many others
Synonymssimethicone[1] (USAN US)
  • C
Routes of
ATC code
Legal status
Legal status
Pharmacokinetic data
Protein binding0%
MetabolismNot metabolized
Elimination half-lifeN/A
CAS Number
PubChem CID
  • none
ECHA InfoCard100.107.016 Edit this at Wikidata
Chemical and physical data
Formula(C2H6OSi)n · (SiO2)m
Molar massvariable
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Simeticone (INN), also known as simethicone (USAN), is an anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort or pain caused by excessive gas.

Medical uses[edit]

Simeticone is used to relieve the symptoms of excessive gas in the gastrointestinal tract, namely bloating, burping, and flatulence.[2] There is a lack of evidence that simeticone is effective for this use.[3][4]

Efficacy has not been fully established that simeticone is useful to treat colic in babies,[5] and it is not recommended for this purpose;[4] however, evidence is sparse. In 2017, a study in the United Kingdom reported that according to parental perception simeticone helped infant colic in some cases.[6]

There are no known side effects of simeticone.[7]


Simeticone is an anti-foaming agent that decreases the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing them to combine into larger bubbles in the digestive tract. Simethicone does not reduce or prevent the formation of gas.[8]


The chemical name for simeticone is α-(trimethylsilyl)-ω-methylpoly[oxy(dimethylsilylene)], mixture with silicon dioxide.[9]

Society and culture[edit]

The INN name is "simeticone", which was added to the INN recommended list in 1999.[9]

Simeticone is marketed under many brand names and in many combination drugs; it is also marketed as a veterinary drug.[10]


Brand names include A.F., Acid Off, Aero Red, Aero-OM, Aero-Sim, Aerocol, Aerox, Aesim, Aflat, Air-X, Anaflat, Antiflat, Baby Rest, Bicarsim, Bicarsim Forte, Blow-X, Bobotic, Bobotik, Carbogasol, Colic E, Colin, Cuplaton, Degas, Dentinox, Dermatix, Digesta, Dimetikon Meda, Disflatyl, Disolgas, Elugan N, Elzym, Endo-Paractol, Enterosilicona, Espaven Antigas, Espumisan, Espumisan L, Flacol, Flapex, Flatidyl, Flatoril, Flatulex, Flucolic, Gas X, Gas-X, Gaselab, Gaseoflat, Gaseoflatex, Gaseophar, Gaseoplus, Gaseovet, Gaservol, Gasnil, Gasofilm, Gastrex, Gastrosen, Gazim X, Gazix, Geludrox-HS, Genasyme, Ilio-Funkton, Imogas, Imogaze, Imonogas, Infacalm, Infacol, Infacolic, Lefax, Lefaxin, Lefoam, Logastin, Luftal, Maxi Flat, Meteosim, Metiorisan, Metsil, Mylanta, Mylicon, Mylicongas, Mylom, Mymus, Nanog, Neodrop, Neogasol, Neolanta, Orocure, Ovol, Pedicon, Phazin, Phazyme, Restime, Rugby Gas Relief, Sab Simplex, Salinal, Semecon, Semeth, Sicongast, Siflat, Silbione, Siligas, Silipin, Sim, Simcone, Simecon, Simecrin, Simedill, Simegut, Simet, Simethicon, Simethicone, Simetic, Simeticon, Simeticona, Simeticone, Siméticone, Simeticonum, Simetigast, Simflat, Simicol, Simicon, Wilcon, Wind-eze, and WindSetlers.[10]

It is also marketed as a combination drug:[10]

  • with algeldrate as Kestomatine
  • with aluminum or magnesium salts, and in some cases both, as Alamag Plus, Almacone, Alposim, Aluphagel, Alutop, Amico-L, Andursil, Axcel Eviline, Boots Wind Relief, Di-Gel, Diovol Plus, Diovol Plus AF, Gas Ban DS, Hydrosil, Iosopan Plus, Kremil, Kremil-S, Maalox Plus, Mi-Acid, Mygel, Mylagen, Polysilane Delalande, Rumibex, and Trial AG
  • with alverine as Avarin, Meteospasmyl, Nady-Spasmyl
  • with barium sulfate as Bario Dif
  • with bismuth as Gastop
  • with calcium carbonate as Flamints, Gaseoflatex Plus, Malugel, Titralac Plus
  • with activated charcoal as Carbosylane, Clingest, Finigax. Flatuna
  • with cinitapride as Rogastril Plus
  • with clebopride as Flatoril
  • with dicycloverine as Cloact, Colicspam, Colimix, Colispas, Coliza-D, Cyclopam, Fri-Spas, Meftal Spas, Respas, Simcomine, Spasact, Spasmindon DPS
  • with domperidone as Bigetric, Dom Simecon, Doprokin-S, Glomoti, Moperidona AF, Mutecium, Praxis
  • with hydrotalcite as Altacide and Talsil Forte
  • with homatropine as Aero-Sim Compuesto, Asestor, Factor AG, Sedotropina Flat
  • with lactulose as Dinolak
  • with levonorgestrel as Jaydess
  • with loperamide as Eldoper Plus, Imodium Duo, Imolopesim, Loperamide HCl/Dimeticon, Loperuma, Lositala, Losiwuto, Regulane AF, Stoperan Plus, Toban F Plus
  • with magaldrate as Aci Basic, Aci-Tip, Acicone-S, Acid-Farvet, Acifin, Amalset, Antiax, Asidrat, Assis, Avicid, Banacid-s, Buenox, Cremalon, Curecid, Digax, Digeril, Endcid, Gaseovet MS, Gastrine, Gastrogel, Gastroral, Gastrorapid, Magacid, Magal-D, Magalat, Magaldrato+Simeticona, Magaldrax, Maganta Plus, Magsilon, Marlox Plus, Megacil Plus, Megalrat Plus, Minicidez, Miopan Plus, Novelta, Oxecone-MS, Riopan Plus, Rolac Plus, Sedo Mag, Simagal, Simelgat Plus, Taimacon, Zymcon
  • with metoclopramide as Anaflat Compuesto, Di-Aero OM, Digespar, Factorine, Pangastren
  • with mosapride as M-Pride-MPS, Moxar, Moza MPS
  • with pancreatin as Anaflat Enzimático, Digenil, Digesflat, Enzym Lefax, Enzymet, Enzymin, fermento duodenal, Finigax Indigestion, Flaton, Flazymec, Gasflat, Gaszym, Gesdyp, Hazmolin, Komflat, MeteoZym, Pankreoflat, Tripanzym
  • with papaverine as Espasmo Siligas
  • with pinaverium as Alevian Duo, Pladuet, Planex
  • with pipenzolate bromide as Cadinol, Gasorbol Gotas
  • with phloroglucinol as Meteoxane
  • with trimebutine as Eumotil-S, Eumotrix Plus, Libertrim SDP, Libertrim SII, Muvett S
  • with urea as Hidribet.

It is also marketed as veterinary drug under the brands Birp and Methysilox.


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