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Similaun 1.jpg
The Similaun as seen from south
Highest point
Elevation3,606 m (11,831 ft)
Prominence259 m (850 ft)
Parent peakHintere Schwärze
Isolation2.8 km (1.7 mi) Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates46°45′49″N 10°52′50″E / 46.76361°N 10.88056°E / 46.76361; 10.88056Coordinates: 46°45′49″N 10°52′50″E / 46.76361°N 10.88056°E / 46.76361; 10.88056
Similaun is located in Austria
Location within Austria on the Austrian—Italian border
LocationTyrol, Austria /
South Tyrol Italy
Parent rangeÖtztal Alps
Topo mapBEV OK50 173
First ascent1833 by Peter Carl Thurwieser or in 1834 by Josef Raffeiner and Theodor Kaserer
Easiest routeFrom the Similaunhütte over the Niederjoch glacier and west ridge

The Similaun (German pronunciation: [zimiˈlaʊn] (About this soundlisten)) is a mountain in the Schnalskamm group of the Ötztal Alps. It is on the Austrian-Italian border. At 3,606 m, it is Austria's sixth highest summit. It was first ascended in 1834 by Josef Raffeiner and Theodor Kaserer. It is most famous for being the mountain on whose slopes Helmut Simon and Erika Simon discovered Ötzi the Iceman in 1991.

Ötzi memorial