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Downtown Xiamen seen from the Gulangyu Island
Downtown Xiamen seen from the Gulangyu Island
Siming is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 24°27′38″N 118°04′26″E / 24.46056°N 118.07389°E / 24.46056; 118.07389Coordinates: 24°27′38″N 118°04′26″E / 24.46056°N 118.07389°E / 24.46056; 118.07389
Country People's Republic of China
Province Fujian
Sub-provincial city Xiamen
 • Total 76 km2 (29 sq mi)
 • Total 860,000
 • Density 11,000/km2 (29,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 361001
Area code(s) 0592

Siming District (simplified Chinese: 思明区; traditional Chinese: 思明區; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Su-bêng-khu) is on southeastern Amoy Island and the seat of the city of Amoy, People's Republic of China.


Siming literally means Missing Ming Dynasty (思念明朝). In 1650, Koxinga changed the name of Amoy to Su-bing Tsiu(思明州). In the beginning age of the Republic of China, a Su-bing County was established.[1]

The place was made Tiong-sin District (中心区) in October 1945. It was renamed to Su-bing in 1950. In April 1953, the district's government was upgraded from District Bureau (区公所) to People's Government (人民政府). From August 1966 to October 1979, Siming was named Hiong-iong (向陽).


Before the merge, Siming originally had five local government street offices (街道办事处):

  • Pin-hai (滨海)
  • Su-bing (思明)
  • Bun-an (文安)
  • Ha-kang (厦港)
  • Tiong-hua(中华)Zhonghua

The above five are divided into 58 residential committees (居委会), and two villages: Tsan-tshu-uann (曾厝垵) and Ng-tshu (黄厝). In May 2003, Siming's two neighbouring districts -- Kulangsu Island and the larger Khai-guan—were merged into Siming.

Xiagang Street was originally a district in 1950.

Today, Siming has ten street offices (街道办事处):

  • Pin-hai (滨海)
  • Tiong-hua (中华)
  • Ha-kang (厦港)
  • Lian-tsian (莲前)
  • Ka-lian (嘉莲)
  • Uan-tang (筼筜)
  • Ngoh-tshng (梧村)
  • Khai-guan (开元)
  • Loo-kang (鹭江)
  • Kulangsu

These street offices are divided into 95 residential committees (社区居委会)


Xiamen Bluebird Cartoon Company (厦门青鸟动画有限公司动画有限公司/廈門青鳥動畫有限公司; E-mng Tshing-niau Tong-ui Iu-han-kong-si), which makes the XingXing Fox cartoon, is headquartered in the Amoy Software Park 2 (厦门软件园二期) in Siming District.[2]


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