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For people with the surname, see Simister (surname).

Simister is a small village in Prestwich, within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester. Historically part of Lancashire, it is located between the districts of Prestwich, Rhodes and Langley. The village is located east of "Simister Island", motorway junction 18 which links the M62, M66 and M60 motorways. Thousands of vehicles a day use this motorway intersection, so the hum from the traffic is often regarded as a nuisance but not a part of the village by the residents. Even though the village's proximity to Manchester means the residential population is mainly made up of commuters, the village has a rural feel with much agricultural activity. The main thoroughfare, Simister Lane, is often used as a rat run for cars travelling to and from Prestwich, Middleton and Junction 19 of the M60.

The Simister Village Community Association, formed in 2000, is in the process of developing a 10-acre wetland site.[1] It has installed stone paths at a cost of £30,000 funded by grants obtained by the Committee. Woodland maintenance will be carried out during the winter using further grants.

The unusual Grade II listed St George's Church, on Nutt Lane, was designed by R. Basnett Preston in a combination of Romanesque and vernacular revival styles. A daughter church of St Margaret's, Prestwich, it was built during the First World War and opened on 14 October 1915.[2][3]

The Lady Wilton Hall, on Simister Lane, was built in 1850 at the sole expense of the Earl and Countess of Wilton and housed the village school until the 1970s. Used for worship in the village prior to the construction of the church, as well as for the Sunday school, it continues to function as the church hall and is owned by the Parochial Church Council of St Margaret's.


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