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Simmel Difesa is an Italian firm located in Colleferro that manufacturers land and naval munitions.[1] Founded in 1948, Simmel specialized in the production of large-caliber munitions. In 1988, Simmel was acquired by the Fiat Group. During this period, Simmel itself acquired the assets of Bombrini-Parodi-Delfino, a longtime manufacturer of gunpowder and munitions in Italy. Simmel was acquired by and became an operating company of the Chemring Group in 2007, which purchased Simmel at the cost of $102.5 million.[2] In 2014, Chemring Group sold Simmel Difesa to Nexter Systems.[3]

In October 2007, an explosion in the Colleferro munitions works killed one worker and wounded 13.[4][5]

Today, Simmel has over 200 employees and an annual turnover of over 80 million Euros.[6] Simmel claims it is capable of manufacturing 300,000 rounds of ammunition annually. Current products include munitions ranging in caliber from 20-mm to 203-mm. Simmel's business is mostly oriented towards export with only 30% of its annual turnover resulting from business in Italy. In November 2009, Chemring's semi-annual report praised Simmel's performance, stating Simmel "had produced an excellent year-end result, with significant year-on-year growth".[7]

Simmel's production of cluster munitions has made the company a protest object of peace activists.[8] Simmel claims it no longer manufactures cluster munitions.


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