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Simon Bonney (born in Sydney, Australia in 1961) is an Australian rock musician, best known as the lead singer in Crime & the City Solution. The band was formed in 1977 in Sydney, Australia as an outlet for Bonney's songs and had a number of different line-ups throughout their history, with Bonney as the only constant member. Incarnations of Crime & the City Solution existed in Sydney, Melbourne, London, and Berlin.

Since the last incarnation of Crime & the City Solution split up in the early 1990s Bonney relocated to the United States where he released two solo albums. His solo albums were influenced by Americana. His last album Everyman continued his experimentations with country music and was recorded in part in Austin, Texas. A third solo album was recorded in Detroit, Michigan, in the late 1990s, but it remains unreleased. One track "Eyes of Blue" was placed on YouTube in February 2009.[1] Bonney himself has released three of the tracks on his Myspace account: "Annabelle-Lee", "Eyes of Blue" and "Can't Believe Anymore" in February 2010.[2] Two other unreleased tracks "Lonely Stars" and "The Water's Edge" were also posted on his Myspace account. The latter two tracks were also included in the soundtrack to the 1996 film Underworld

Bonney's musical base is now located in Detroit where he plays with various local musicians, from bands such as Outrageous Cherry and The Volebeats. In late 2011, he announced that Crime & the City Solution would re-form to record a new album in 2012.

Solo discography[edit]


  • Forever (Mute Records; 1992)
  • Everyman (Mute Records; 1996)

Music video[edit]

  • "Don't Walk Away From Love" (1995) Directed by Dani Jacobs


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