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Simon Bucher-Jones (born Simon Jones, 6 September 1964) is an author, poet and amateur actor. He is best known for his Doctor Who novels for Virgin and BBC and as a contributor to the Faction Paradox spin-off series.

Jones was born in Liverpool. He is known for a hard SF approach. He has written Cthulhu Mythos short stories and reviewed books for the Fortean Times and for small press papers. His poetry has appeared in the Journal of the British Fantasy Society.

Doctor Who[edit]

Faction Paradox[edit]

Iris Wildthyme[edit]

Self-Published by Pantechnikon Press[edit]

  • Godzilla In East Anglia, a collection of poetry available via Lulu and Kindle (2010).
  • The Temple Of Dagon, written in 2004 for the proposed Chaosium anthology The Dagon Cycle, now available as an ebook via Kindle (2013).
  • Le Roi de Jaune - THE KING IN YELLOW - a full French and English text of the cursed play with scholarly introduction, essays, and annotations" (Hardback, and Paperback versions now available Lulu 2015)
  • THE KING IN YELLOW - A NEW TRANSLATION - ebook of the above, available from Lulu and Amazon (Nov 2015)
  • Deathwatch At Lake Saguaro, a collection of poetry available via Lulu etc. (2015).
  • The Gospel of Eibon (2018) (forthcoming)

The First Ether Series (works set in an alternative space-faring 19th century)

  • Charles Dickens' Martian Notes, a mash-up novel available via Lulu etc. (2015).
  • Wilkie Collin's The Evil Genius of Venus - Book One: The Wreck of the lift-barque John Jerniman, Lulu etc. (2016).

Non-series, novels and stories[edit]

Cthulhu Mythos and other horror work[edit]

  • (with James Ambeuhl) The Case of the Curiously Competent Conjuror in the collection Lin Carter's Anton Zarnak, Supernatural Sleuth.
  • Some Thoughts On The Problem Of Order in the collection Hardboiled Cthulhu.
  • Things To Do In Pornutopia When You're Dead, a comic strip in Violent #13, [Simon Bucher-Jones writer].

Charity and/or fan publications[edit]

  • At the Academy in Drabble Who (1993)
  • The Big Cat in The Cat Who Walked Through Time (2000)
  • In the "Days of the 'Days of the Days of Our Lives'"' in Missing Pieces (2001)
  • Tempus Fugit written with James Ambeuhl in Missing Pieces (2001)
  • At the Beach in Lifedeath (2001)
  • The Pulp Of The Black Lotus in Walking In Eternity (2001)
  • Dial M for Metaphysics in the Craig Hinton memorial Fanthology Shelf Life (2008)
  • Two Poems in Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw (2011)
  • The Ox Bow Train in A Target for Tommy (2016)
  • The Memories of Needles,An Offer You Must Heed!,The Death of Romance, Decoration of the Daleks", and, Statement to the Parole Officer in Doctor Who A Time Lord For Change (2016)
  • Poem Discovered on a Tape Reel Processor, Post Office Tower 1966,Under The God,Cat People(Putting Out Fire) and Slow Water in Whoblique Strategies (2017)
  • Doctor Who And The Exile From Hell in A Second Target for Tommy (2018)


  • Mr Kitling's Cakes, written in 2005 for the proposed charity fanthology The Cat Who Walked Through Time II. It is a sequel to *The Big Cat*.
  • Passin' Through Judgement, written in 2005 for the proposed anthology Tales Of The Outre West.

The collections for which these stories were written never saw print. The stories are available to read on Simon Bucher-Jones' blog, and he is open to re-print offers.

Charity or amateur theatrical performances[edit]

  • Jacob in Joseph (St Michael's Church 2007)
  • The Slave Seller in Sinbad the Sailor (2008)
  • The Stage Manager in Little Dead Riding Hood (2008)
  • King Rattle in Dick Whittington Goes West (2009)
  • Mister Shock in Robinson Crusoe: A Space Oddity (2010)
  • Asbad: King of Thieves in Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (2011)
  • Gary: the Nymph in Babez in the Wood (2012)
  • Guy of Gisborne in Little Red Riding Hood (2013)
  • Abanazar in Aladdin in Old London Town (2014)
  • Humphrey, and Minion/Chorus in Jack and the Beanstalk (2015)
  • Prince Not-So Charming in Sleeping Beauty (2016)
  • Raff-elle, and Villager/Chorus in The Lie-On King (2017)
  • Deer, and Royal Servant in Cinderella (2018)

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